Watch Michael Douglas Fail At Charades By Having No Idea What Pretty In Pink Is

As Michael Douglas is about to enter the brainspaces of Marvel fanboys around the world with his role in Ant-Man later this summer, he has disappointed a legion of John Hughes fans by clearly having no idea what one of Hughes' best comedies, Pretty in Pink, is. Even when one of the stars is standing right in front of him. Check out the charade-filled hilarity in the Tonight Show clip below.

Some people assume that once celebrities reach a certain precipice of fame that they completely lose track of the pop culture-scape around them. Perhaps that can explain Michael Douglas’ mental blind spot for 1986’s Pretty in Pink, which came out in between Douglas’ Jewel of the Nile and the blockbuster tandem of 1987’s Fatal Attraction and Wall Street. Maybe he just wasn’t going to the movies at that point, and then never looked back.

But nobody seems to have explained that assumption to Jon Cryer, Pretty in Pink’s Duckie, who is consistently slammed with aghast incomprehension as Douglas fails to correctly guess one of a tiny handful of three-letter-word films that starts with “Pretty.” This basically sums up his entire round.


Douglas threw out a Two and a Half Men comment at Cryer, which proves he didn’t spend the whole time wondering who “that stubbled guy” was. And to give him credit, Douglas did remember what the “Macarena” was, over 20 years later, even if it took him forever to remember how to do just one part of the dance. And if we’re being honest, that’s the only part of the dance that I remember, and that’s got way more to do with bludgeoned brain cells than mega-fame on my part.

The rest of the game goes well enough, as the pairing of Fallon and 2 Broke Girls star Kat Dennings destroyed. Not that House of Cards, SpongeBob SquarePants and Of Mice and Men are ridiculously hard to charade – kudos to Dennings for mostly blindly guessing the latter – but then neither is Pretty in Pink.

Here’s how I think Duckie would have handled that slight.


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Nick Venable
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