Coming to NBC this October is a new comedy series called A to Z, which stars the adorable "mother" from How I Met Your Mother and the adorable guardian angel from Drop Dead Diva. Put the two together, do the math and it's no surprise that they make a very adorable couple on screen. NBC put the full first episode of A to Z online well over a month ahead of its scheduled premiere. It's one of two new comedies set to take up residence on the Peacock's Thursday night lineup, and you can watch the first episode in its entirety above.

Created by Ben Queen, A to Z stars Ben Feldman (Drop Dead Diva and Cristin Milioti (How I Met Your Mother) as two people who may just be destined for one another. He's a hopelessly romantic matchmaker, she's a skeptical lawyer. And there's a definite spark there, as we see in the first episode. Perhaps even a spark that's been flickering out there for a while before they actually met.

Beyond how charming Feldman and Milioti are as Andrew and Zelda, I like how the pilot episode plays out like a romantic comedy from beginning to end. Spoilers if you haven't watched it yet: It starts with our introduction to them and then their introduction to each other, works through Andrew's attempts to win Zelda over and her reluctance to date him, and then they kiss. It has everything a movie would offer, condensed into twenty-something minutes. But this is a series, not a movie. So where do they go from there? How does this relationship play out? That's what A to Z aims to tell us.

The premise rings a bit close to How I Met Your Mother, both as it relates to the flashback and the set-up of a story being told here, not to mention Milioti's involvement, obviously. But the single camera format helps in making A to Z stand out, and we have Katey Sagal narrating, which is one more thing the series has going for it.

A to Z's pilot is set up as a jumping off point for what will hopefully be a great romantic comedy for NBC. As we mentioned, it's one of two new comedies set to air on NBC on Thursday night, beginning this October. It's actually one of the only two comedies NBC will be airing on Thursday night come this fall. What was once a two-(and sometimes three)-hour block of comedies has evolved into something of a mixed bag of programming, as the Peacock has weight-loss competition series The Biggest Loser lined up for 8:00 p.m. and then returning drama Parenthood airing at 10:00 p.m.. Wedged between the two hour-long series are Bad Judge and A to Z.

On one hand, neither new comedy has the benefit of a winning comedy lead-in to help it get off the ground. But on the other hand, The Biggest Loser actually has a solid audience (its most recent season finale earned 7.45 million viewers), so this might be these series'' best chance at building an audience. We'll have to wait and see how things work out when A to Z debuts this October.

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