Watch A Sheep Pee All Over A Reporter In This Hilarious News Clip

News correspondents who work on the street are often brave souls. This week, one reporter for BBC News was doing a fluff news piece about a sheep when he was totally upstaged on camera by the cute-looking animal. Watch the news reporter get urinated on around the 11-second mark, below.

Meet Button, the pet lamb who was initially abandoned. She’s three months old, now, and has been adopted by a couple living in Moira. News reporter Conor Macauley, who is an Agriculture and Environment Correspondent for BBC News, was telling the fun little story when he stopped off to get a shot for the camera. Quite promptly, the sheep began urinating all of his dandy shoes.

What’s funniest about this incident is not the sheep pissing, although that’s good for a laugh. What’s hilarious is the way the camera crew totally can’t keep their acts together in the background. There’s one dude in particular who can’t stop cackling, and that even allows Macauley to find the humor in the situation, although he manages to remain calm, just cracking a smile. He later brought up the incident on Twitter.

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Being on a newsbeat can be tough, especially if you are a correspondent who is working outside rather than behind a desk. Sometimes reporters have to deal with harassment on the set at sports events or simply when they are working on the street. We even recently covered an incident in South Africa when a correspondent and his team were mugged while taping. While most of the time on camera gaffs usually revolve around misbehaving animals, like Button, or people attempting to get in the camera shot in the background, it’s certainly a lively profession.

Even the studio guys aren’t immune to problems and mistakes, accidentally dropping f-bombs or showing the wrong footage on the air. That’s sort of the beauty of the live news. Anything can happen, whether that be profanity, weird comments between reporters, or just the pure, unadulterated happiness that can be found in a news chopper finding a giant hulk statue in the back of some random individual’s yard.

So, here’s to the news, and a peeing sheep named Button.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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