Watch The Walking Dead's Carl Grimes Rap In This Hilarious Bad Lip Reading

Season 5 of AMC’s The Walking Dead is just around the corner, and everything we’ve been hearing and seeing about it hypes up how this will be the most brutal and action-packed season yet. Blood! Guns! Explosions! Bad Lip Readings! Wait, what?

That’s right, the greatest YouTube channel to ever exist (in my opinion anyway) is back with another one of their absolutely hysterical Bad Lip Reading videos, and it’s their second trip into the musical world of The Walking Dead. In their first walker-loaded venture, the Governor was granted his own Disney-ish ditty, but this time it’s the machismo-exuding shitbird Carl Grimes that gets tossed the metaphorical microphone for a softcore rap song. And dammit if this isn’t the greatest thing that Carl has ever been a part of.

The track, and yes it is an actual track that they’re selling on iTunes, is called “Carl Poppa (La Jiggy Jar Jar Doo),” and I could hardly type that without laughing, just hearing “I heard the gingerbread boy,” in my head. Carl just flows, y’all! It’s the perfect scene for this partly-Auto-Tuned song to use, as its context involves Carl verbally taking out a lot of his aggressions on his father while Rick is unconscious. Can’t be calling Pops a “shrinkydink” while he’s awake, no way, no how. I may end up dropping a hard-earned dollar on this song even before I finish writing this story.

But it’s not ALL about Carl and his mad flows. Everybody else gets their fair share of awesomeness as well. Tyreese and his big bulging eyes are at the center of the next two funniest bits. “Listen, shawty. You can’t do this the whole week.” For some reason, while I don’t inherently find gibberish funny, I can’t help but giggle like a loon when Bad Lip Reading garbles someone’s words. It’s like animal noises. Speaking of animals…

“Man he took my apples and I’m hungry. Now he talking ‘bout dolphins when the subject matter was apples.”

Daryl telling Beth that she can’t come to her own birthday party was also a riot, as was that guy singing about telling the man with the knife hello. If you’re like me and you can’t get enough of this, check out the first Walking Dead-related video below. La Jiggy Jar Jar Doo.

It’s going to be tough watching the series again without anticipating what Bad Lip Reading does next. (This is “Part 1” after all.) So I guess Season 5 better be hella impressive. Find out where the bodies fall when The Walking Dead returns to AMC starting Sunday, October 12.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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