Are We Close To Getting Our TV Back?

I hesitate to write anything about this, because we’ve all had our hearts broken before. However, there are very loud rumblings about the current round of negotiations actually bringing an end to the writers strike. With the DGA deal in place, SAG negotiations coming up and The Oscars hanging in the balance, there has been a lot of optimism surrounding the latest talks between the WGA and the AMPTP. Now we’re hearing that an official announcement could come before the end of the weekend.

Both sides agreed to a news blackout while talks are in progress, so any official announcement won’t come until either a deal is made or they decide to leave the table. With that said, the ever-popular unnamed sources within the negotiation have shared some good news, saying that all of the major issues have been settled and “As of late [Friday], just a few small issues remained.”

If the strike does in fact end within the next few days, there’s a decent chance that we could see if not the rest of the 07-08 TV season, then at least a few wrap-up episodes of our favorite shows. We’ll also be able to get some new shows for next season. More immediately, the late night writers will return to work, joining the ranks of the Letterman and Ferguson writers, who have been back for several weeks. The Oscars will also go on as planned, in all of its awkward-speech, montage-heavy glory. Of course, this could once again prove to be wishful thinking, but I prefer to remain optimistic tonight and believe another anonymous source who said, “There is most certainly light at the end of the tunnel, and we are rapidly approaching it.”