The Weather Channel Announces New Original Programming

The Weather Channel is mostly known for great storm coverage and an ability to bring people to the network when some sort of crazy natural disaster has occurred somewhere in the world. The network seems to want to branch out, however, and is putting together several new series that will debut in the fall and early winter months of 2013. Each of the new programs will air online, on cable, on mobile devices, and on tablets.

The Weather Channel’s online site is the famous, a website that mostly caters to daily temperatures and forecasts, as well as some news. Beginning later this year, however, three new web shows will be a part of the site. Currently, we know quite a bit about the programs, although each of them is still rolling with a working title. The first to premiere will be the program I Am Unstoppable, which will follow six athletes who have had to overcome obstacles to be at the top of their respective games. I Am Unstoppable will hit the website in October of 2013.

The Weather Channel also announced two other web programs on Monday. The second, Virus Hunters, will follow a set of scientists with the drive and skill sets to frequently stop outbreaks before they become a big problem. An unusual set of skills is needed for this sort of job and the series will show viewers how those skills keep viruses like H1N1 from spreading. That series will launch in November of 2013 and the final series, Alive, will launch in December of 2013. Alive will follow people who have survived natural disasters, from tornadoes to earthquakes, and much, much more.

We’ll let you know when I Am Unstoppable, Virus Hunters, and Alive get official premiere dates.

Photo Credit@ James Perry

Jessica Rawden
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