Weeds Season 8 Full Premiere Episode: Watch It Here To See Who Shot Who

Weeds returned to Showtime last night for its eighth premiere, and those of us who've waited all year to find out who was lurking in the bushes (or "strolling woods" as it were) and who got shot, got our answers tonight. Did anyone guess correctly? I'd be surprised. And yet, I suppose we should have seen it coming. If you didn't see the episode, Showtime was kind enough to put the whole thing online. Watch it here!

Weeds Season 8 picked up moments after the seventh season left off. If you haven't seen it, here's the video. Then we can discuss!

Spoilers from the above posted episode beyond this point!

"Little Boxes" returns! And with the return of the series' excellent theme song is a recappy drawing that takes us through the Botwin's journey, from Agrestic, to Mexico, to the road, to prison, to New York and back to a little box. Or to the hospital, for now. Nancy got shot, which was probably the likeliest of theories going into the season, but we didn't find out who until the end. As it turns out, it was Tim Scottson, son of Peter, the DEA agent Nancy married for a time, though their relationship was never much of a marriage. Last we saw of him, he was shoving the folded flag at his mother following his father's funeral. Yeah, apparently he's still holding a grudge and shooting Nancy didn't make him feel any better. I'm predicting that Shane gets to the bottom of this and faces off with Tim Scottson, one messed-up son to another. Also, possibly a return of Brooke Smith as Valerie (Peter's angry ex)?

In other news, the episode reminded us of just how ridiculous the Botwin's are. Doug actually groped Nancy while she was in a coma, while Andy and Jill fooled around in her room. Classy bunch of people! I also thought it was funny that we couldn't quite tell if Nancy was brain damaged or just being overly sarcastic while riding in the back of the ambulance. Just answer the question, Nancy! And someone get the woman a latte!

Now that we know who shot Nancy, what's next? Well, hopefully she'll be out of her coma soon and back to life in the suburbs where anything can happen!

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