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Plenty of people prefer to save up for the DVDs rather than shell out the monthly cost of a premium channel like HBO. And though HBO tends to make fans of their shows wait a bit for the DVD release, they do make their shows available for purchase. They also have some fun with their advertising when it comes to promoting DVDs during the holiday season.

Last year, it was the girl trying to explain True Blood to Grandma. This year, we have the inappropriate office guy who thinks he knows his coworkers well enough to peg their TV tastes. See how he presents these HBO series on DVD to some of his coworkers.

Nothing like saying Merry Christmas by accusing a co-worker of incest or pointing out that you're pretty sure they're way into sex! As offended as I might be by a gift presentation such as that one, I'll admit, it might go down a bit easier if it came with the second season of Game of Thrones on DVD. Alas, it's not out yet (no date set either). But there are plenty of other HBO shows available on DVD and Blu-ray. Keep an eye out for those Black Friday deals! (I got True Blood Season 2 last year for $9.99 at Amazon.)