These days, most of Whoopi Goldberg's on-screen time is likely spent on ABC's daytime talk show The View, in which she is one of the female hosts. But Goldberg still does a bit of acting here and there. Among her recent roles, she appeared as the NYATA recruiter on Fox's Glee. She also played Sue's guidance counselor in The Middle. And coming soon we'll see her in an episode of ABC's new drama 666 Park Avenue.

666 Park Avenue premiered Sunday night and introduced us to a young couple that's hired to manage a beautiful old apartment building in New York City. What they don't yet know is that there are dark forces at work in the building. According to EW, Goldberg will guest star on the supernatural series later this season, playing "a mysterious shut-in and longtime resident of the Drake, who helps Jane understand her supernatural connection to the building by using a radical method of hypnosis."

It sounds like by that point, Jane is actively trying to understand what's going on. The pilot episode had her showing some suspicions that things were amiss at the Drake. And if she's a resident of the building, perhaps there will be room for her to return... assuming her character makes it out of the episode alive!

This seems like a fun role for her to play, and her involvement in the show - even for just one episode - is giving me a Ghost flashback. She played a medium in the 1990 drama. It sounds like she might have some kind of gift in this part as well. Though I wonder if she'll be a bit less reluctant to help Jane than her Ghost character was to help Patrick Swayze. If that's the case, maybe a bit of "Henry VIII" will change her tune.

EW says she'll appear in the series' ninth episode, which is scheduled to air this December.

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