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There are some minor spoilers for Fear The Walking Dead in this article! Read on if you dare.

AMC’s wild late summer success series Fear the Walking Dead has come to a close after a brief first season. Over a span of only six episodes, the Walking Dead spinoff has chronicled the struggles of a family unit as they struggle to grasp the fall of society coupled with the rise of the dead. The Season 1 finale saw them take strides toward understanding that there are no more rules when it comes to survival, but Madison, Travis, and co. are still far from truly comprehending the threat of the zombies, as proven by the cavalier use of a gun in the final moments. Could this gunshot that may have been heard 'round the zombie-infested world spell disaster for the merry band of survivors?

In an interview with EW, showrunner Dave Erickson had this to say:
You know what? That’s a very good point. You should tune into the premiere of next season and you’ll see what happens.

It's just vague enough to be ominous (and infuriating, considering the wait until Season 2). Still, Dave Erickson’s acknowledgment that firing off a gun to echo around the cliffs of the California coast may not have been the best decision should at least lead to some fun speculation.

After witnessing the horde unleashed by Daniel Salazar overwhelm the remnants of the army as a main course and then chomp their way through some after-dinner civilian snacks, the extended family should have known better than to call attention to themselves. There are not too many senses left to the dead once they reanimate, but Fear The Walking Dead has shown that hearing is certainly one of them, and no stronghold is ever entirely safe when the undead vastly outnumber the living. In fact, it wouldn’t be the first time in the Walking Dead universe that a safe haven has been overwhelmed by walkers.

Mothership series The Walking Dead has not always been 100% consistent in its treatment of walkers responding to gunfire, but the gunfire precedent has been set in place for a while. For example, gunshot brought walkers when Rick first met Morgan during Season 1. Then, there was that time when only a single gunshot from Carl to put down zombie Shane was enough to direct a massive horde of walkers toward the Greene family farm. Since Season 2 had a few extra characters waiting around just waiting to be eaten alive, the horde in the second season finale was a nice culling of the cast.

Season 3 onward has shown that sound is one of the biggest draws for walkers with far more devastating consequences. Lori died. The prison was unrecoverable after the Governor’s second assault. Terminus was overwhelmed in the aftermath of Rick and the gang's escape. Since Madison, Travis, and the merry band of survivors in Fear have nowhere to easily run (except water) in Strand’s backyard and a limited supply of weapons that most of them don’t know how to use, a horde advancing on the Fear characters could be terrifying.

And awesome.

Mostly awesome.

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