Have you been watching The X Factor? Judging by the less than stellar ratings, chances are you either never got on board this season or bailed quickly. I get it. The early stage rounds are repetitive and quickly grow tiresome, and since the introductory episodes of The Voice are also airing right now, it’s easy to see why you went in that direction. To be honest, I almost did the same thing, but I begrudgingly stuck around, which is great considering the show just unveiled the most brutally amazing cut format in the history of reality television.

Here’s how it works. It's called the Four Chair Challenge. Each category (boys, girls, groups, over 25s) has ten remaining contestants all trying to earn one of four available slots in the demographic. One-by-one, they each come out and sing. If the judge in charge of said category likes what he or she hears, the performer is placed in one of the four chairs on the stage to sit and watch everyone else left in the group. If all four chairs fill up and the judge decides a new performer is worthy of a slot, he or she must kick out someone they’ve already given a spot to. The whole point is to be sitting in one of the four chairs after the final performer has gone. It’s brutal, and watching the over 25s go through it Wednesday night was absolutely worth two hours.

Near the end of last night’s episode, the first four girls in Demi Lovato’s category went. Anyway you want to look at it, at least two of the girls were pretty bad, but because the judge couldn’t bring herself to do what needed to be done, she filled up every single one of her seats with those girls. Tonight, six more girls with way more talent are scheduled to go, and in all likelihood, at least three of the original girls are going to get kicked out of their victory chairs. There will be tears. There will probably be screaming, and more than likely, it will all make for wonderful television.

The only thing more difficult than convincing people to watch a show is convincing them to watch a show after they already walked away. My wife finally gave up on Bones after the season premiere, and I’m not sure there’s anything that could coax her back. If you’re not too in hate with X Factor to give it one more shot, though, I would highly encourage you to do so tonight.

If you’re still not convinced, watch this performance from last night, followed by an awesome plea to be given a chair…

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