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Animation Domination High-Def Is Getting The Axe (Cop) With Future Primetime Plans

Fox tried to sway young homebodies on Saturday nights with its Animation Domination High-Def block of programming, but the only people turning in were viewers well beyond Fox’s key demographic. As such, the network will remove ADHD from their schedule after a final airing on June 28, but will continue working with the animation company for primetime series as well as continued online content.

New Axe Cop Trailer Showcases An Episode Full Of Guest Stars

For those who aren't familiar with Axe Cop, it started as a webcomic from the Nicolle brothers - then five, now eight year old Malachai invented the character, comes up with the ideas and answers the famous 'Ask Axe Cop' questions while thirty year old Ethan brings them to life - where the titular badass policeman who prefers to use an axe (obviously) to fight crime. Not crime exactly, more like anything cool that springs to mind, like zombies, dinosaurs and all the other stuff that a child telling stories would want to include.

Watch A More Scientifically Accurate Version Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Let's face it, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is an unlikely story. But comics and cartoons do tend to take some liberties when it comes to scientific accuracy. The above cartoon, which was recently shared at Fox's ADHD YouTube channel, depicts the Ninja Turtles and their potentially disease-ridden rodent mentor Splinter in a more scientifically accurate light. Needless to say, it gets weird. Like bleeding shells and turtle penises weird.

Watch: Fox's ADHD Pays Tribute To The '90s With An 8-Bit Music Video

It seems Fox's planned late-night animated comedy block ADHD has found a way to grab the attention of its core audience of twenty and thirty-somethings. Based on this video, it's through 90's nostalgia, with space, 8-bit animation and oodles of 90s pop culture references crammed into a 3-minute tribute song and video, which reminds of days when "space was the coolest," MTV played music, and there was a bizarre but still somehow watch-worthy puppet comedy called Dinosaurs on TGIF.

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