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6 Really Popular U.K. TV Shows That Were Adapted And Failed In The US

The U.S. has adapted lots of shows from the U.K. that were massive successes over the pond. These six didn't quite work out on their second attempts, however.

Gracepoint Was Just Cancelled, Won't Get A Second Season At Fox

Hampered by a competitive timeslot and beset by claims that it was too similar to Broadchurch, FOX’s Gracepoint was fighting an uphill battle to begin with. Sadly, it now seems the show won’t ever reach the top. It will not get a second season.

How To Watch Broadchurch And Two More Great Shows That Just Started Streaming

How goes it, fellow streamers? It’s kind of a light week on huge material from the Big 3. For now, though, you’ll just have to try to solve the murder of a dead child. Only the brightest and cheeriest for you folk.

The Broadchurch Season 2 Trailer Is Emotional And Brutal

In 2013, ITV premiered Broadchurch, a complex murder mystery drama contained in a small town. The show was renewed for a second season and now, ITV has given us a first look at what Season 2 will look like and it’s an emotional doozy.

David Tennant Will Star In Broadchurch On BBC America

More British television is headed to the States, thanks to a deal between ITV and BBC America. BBC America has acquired Broadchurch, a series about a small town Community that will star former Doctor Who actor David Tenant. Tennant fans still have a while to wait before Broadchurch airs, however.

David Tennant Joins ITV's Broadchurch

David Tennant has just picked up a third role for British television, this time in the ITV eight-part series Broadchurch. He’ll add this role to a workload that already includes a mini-series for BBC Four, The Spies of Warsaw and BBC Two’s The Politician’s Husband. The former Doctor Who star is definitely keeping busy.

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