There have been several successful American shows that were built on the backbone of U.K.-produced programming. The Office, Dancing With The Stars, Kitchen Nightmares; that list can go on and on. It's way more entertaining, however, to check out TV shows that were a hit in the U.K. and then absolutely failed when adapted for the U.S., for varying reasons. (Weirdly enough, quite a few are tied to Doctor Who in some way.) Check out the list, and if you're from the U.K., read it with a smug grin knowing that America got your shows wrong.

The IT Crowd

The IT Crowd was a hilarious sitcom with relatively few episodes that quickly gained cult status in the U.K., as well as in other countries. While ratings were never necessarily spectacular, the show achieved syndication status, and this story of three IT professionals working in a London basement was shipped to America. Commissioned by NBC, the pilot for the American version of The IT Crowd featured the excellent Richard Ayoade, a star of the U.K. version, reprising his role from the original series as Maurice Moss, and the new version also boasted Joel McHale. Sadly, an NBC Chairman stepped in and squashed the whole thing, with no official reasoning ever given, but the cancellation did free up McHale to do Community, so all's well that ends well. For the curious, the pilot was put online years later.

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