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How To Watch Broadchurch And Two More Great Shows That Just Started Streaming

How goes it, fellow streamers? It’s kind of a light week on huge material from the Big 3. (Are we at a point where we can start calling them that yet?) But with Netflix talking about pumping out shows every two weeks in the near future, we could be in for fruitful days ahead. For now, though, you’ll just have to try to solve the murder of a dead child. Only the brightest and cheeriest for you folk.


[[ ahref http wimovie ]] Broadchurch

If you’ve watched the recently finished first season of Fox’s Gracepoint, you know that [censored] was totally responsible for all that. Regardless of where that series fell on your barometer, you owe it to yourself to check out the U.K. mystery drama Broadchurch, upon which Gracepoint is based. A better show in every way, this import stars David Tennant and Olivia Colman as polar opposite detectives investigating the murder of a child, and the ways in which that murder tears a small community apart. That’s all you need to know. Those who are already caught up will be pleased to know Season 2 will be kicking off on BBC America starting February 4.

The entire first season of Broadchurch is currently available on Netflix Instant.


Marco Polo

At a budget hovering over $100 million, this latest (and most certainly not greatest) Netflix Original series is a 10-episode look at the life of famed traveler Marco Polo, and the years he spent as an appendage to Kublai Khan. The show strives to emulate the last decade of cable’s historical epics, and it often achieves this in its massive sets and locations, heaping doses of sex and nudity, and more than enough well-choreographed fights to keep one interested. Though if we’re being honest, there’s not too much happening between the lines in that trifecta of achievements, and with episodes that are close to an hour long, the nuance-free dialogue makes one tired rather quickly. But it’s not so bad that this insanely gorgeous cinematography should be avoided.

You can watch the entire first season of Marco Poloon Netflix Instant.


Family Guy – Season 12

I can’t really remember the last season of Family Guy that was important for any particular reason, but Season 12 was the one that killed Brian, replaced him with another dog, and then unceremoniously brought him back. The entire thing was about as close to a scandal not involving a rape joke that the Fox animated stalwart has gone through. This is also the season that Cleveland returned in, and the one where they spoofed fairy tales.

Watch Seasons 1-12 of Family Guy on Netflix Instant.


Nick Offerman: American Ham


Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown – Season 3


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