David Tennant Will Star In Broadchurch On BBC America

More British television is headed to the States, thanks to a deal between ITV and BBC America. BBC America has acquired Broadchurch, a series about a small town community that will star former Doctor Who actor David Tennant. Tennant fans still have a while to wait before Broadchurch airs, however.

The deal between BBC America and ITV was first announced in a TCA panel, with Deadline reporting U.S. audiences won’t get to catch the drama until far later in 2013. The reasoning behind this is that the series has not even aired in the U.K., yet. So, the U.K. will get Broadchurch this spring, there will be that annoying waiting game period, and then U.S. audiences will get the series, which will be added to BBC America’s drama block, Dramaville.

Broadchurch is an eight-part drama series that will follow a small town that gets spotlighted by the media after a notable murder occurs. Tennant will star in the series, alongside Olivia Colman, Vicky McClure and Arthur Darvil. The series was created by Camelot executive producer Chris Chibnall, who is also executive producing the series with Jane Featherstone.

BBC America has done pretty well with its Supernatural Saturday block of programming, and has spent the last year or so really beefing up its schedule with other major TV fodder, including bought programming like The Hour and original programs like Copper. Broadchurch will assumedly fit into the Dramaville programming block quite nicely, but I should really note that my opinion is biased, since I will watch anything with David Tennant in it—including Fright Night.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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