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The Really Awkward Place Doctor Who Fans Have Asked David Tennant For Autographs

David Tennant shared the super awkward place he was asked for an autograph by a Doctor Who fans. Find out where it was here...

Doctor Who's Russell Davies Responded To Christopher Eccleston's Complaints In A Surprising Way

Russell T. Davies has broken his long silence regarding Christopher Eccleston's criticism of Doctor Who.

Why Christopher Eccelston Says Doctor Who Almost Ruined His Career

Christopher Eccleston shared more about the fallout following his exit from Doctor Who.

Could Missy Ever Return To Doctor Who? Here's What The Actress Says

Michelle Gomez gave Doctor Who fans the scoop on a potential Missy reappearance.

Alan Cumming Is Finally Coming To Doctor Who For An Epic Role
Check Out Doctor Who's New Season 11 Logo, Along With Some More Behind The Scenes Changes

A new logo has been revealed for Doctor Who in addition to some other changes for Season 11.

Doctor Who Vet Karen Gillan Is Totally Down For Amy Pond To Return And Meet Jodie Whittaker's Doctor

Karen Gillan wants to have Doctor Who adventures with Jodie Whittaker.

How The BBC Kept Jodie Whittaker's Doctor Who Casting A Secret

The BBC managed to keep the Jodie Whittaker's casting a secret, but it required some extreme measures.

Why Doctor Who Season 11 Is Probably Going To Look Amazing

There's a strong possibility Doctor Who will look amazing in Season 11.

Why Losing Rose Was So Devastating On Doctor Who, According To David Tennant

David Tennant shared his thoughts on the Doctor losing Rose, and the tragedy of the character.

What David Tennant Thinks Jodie Whittaker Will Bring To Doctor Who In Season 11

David Tennant has some thoughts about what actress Jodie Whittaker will bring to the role of the Doctor.

One Doctor Who Cameo From The Christmas Special Wasn't Originally In The Script

Of all the cameos that were planned for the episode "Twice Upon A Time," this one wasn't.

Read Peter Capaldi's Sweet Note To A Doctor Who Fan, After His Transformation

Peter Capaldi wrote a wonderful note to a young fan upset about the Doctor's leaving.

Why That Surprising Doctor Who Cameo Wasn't Easy To Pull Off

Steven Moffat explains what it took to make a very cool Doctor Who moment happen.

The Awesome Way Doctor Who Handled Its Latest Regeneration

Peter Capaldi went out with a bang during the Doctor Who Christmas special, and it was a sight to see.

Doctor Who's Peter Capaldi Has The Best Explanation For The Doctor's Real Name

Capaldi gave an amazing response all Doctor Who fans should read.

What Doctor Who Alum Karen Gillan Thinks Of The First Female Doctor

The Amy Pond actress shared her thoughts on Doctor Who's change for the Doctor.

How Doctor Who's Christmas Special Is Like It's A Wonderful Life, According To One Star

A star of the Doctor Who Christmas Special equates the episode to another holiday classic.

One Actress Who Turned Down Being A Doctor Who Companion

Steven Moffat reveals the actress he'll always remember as the companion that got away.

How Doctor Who Vet Matt Smith Feels About Returning To The Show In The Future

Matt Smith shared whether or not he'd be down for a return to Doctor Who.

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