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Vikings Renewed For Season 6, Months Before Season 5 Will Air

History has had a good thing going for the last several years with the scripted drama Vikings, which returns for Season 5 later this year. Now, the network has some truly awesome news for fans.

The History Of Batman And More Comic Heroes Will Be Explored In Awesome New TV Special

Superheroes are all the rage nowadays, and an upcoming TV special is slated to examine their history and relevance in a way that sounds pretty epic. Here's what we know!

Six Renewed By History For Season 2

History has officially given the renewal order to its new military drama Six, and there are a couple pretty big reasons why the network has a good reason to have faith in the show.

One Major Location Vikings Will Definitely Visit

We need a vacation after Vikings' season finale, and the creator has one location that we can expect to see in Season 5!

Vikings Season 4 Finale Delivers A Trio Of Killer Shocks

Vikings brought Season 4 to an end tonight in some extremely brutal ways. Read on to find out what happened in the finale.

How Much Vikings Is Based On Actual History

It strives to be as accurate as possible when it is creating its storylines. But if you've ever wondered exactly how accurate Vikings is, show creator Michael Hirst has broken it down for us

Why Vikings Went With That Major Death Scene

Major spoilers if you aren't caught up with Vikings on the History Channel. If you don't want to be spoiled, check out one of our other exciting articles.

How One Vikings Actor Found Out They Were Going To Be Killed Off

The latest episode of Vikings did the seemingly unthinkable by killing off one big character, and the way that actor found out about the impending scene is pretty amusing.

Ax Men's Gabe Rygaard Is Dead At 45

The brave folks who appeared on History's Ax Men regularly risked their lives for the sake of their jobs. Sadly, one of the most memorable loggers has died, and it wasn't due to the job that he loved. Gabe Rygaard has passed away at 45.

Ice Road Truckers' Darrell Ward Is Dead At 52

During his time on Ice Road Truckers, Darrell Ward won fans over as he braved the terrain and showed fearlessness while transporting goods over sometimes unforgiving ice.

Jeremy Renner's New TV Show Just Delayed Production, Get The Details

Production on TV shows can be delayed for any number of reasons. Jeremy Renner's new show is facing delays for something that just doesn't happen all that often.

What's Going On With Ragnar In This New Vikings Footage?

There's a lot that has been pretty confusing about Vikings lately. There's the fact that the History Channel drama has been renewed for Season 5, and is set to return to the schedule fairly soon, but not for 5.

Top Gear Is Ending On History, Get The Details

Pretty much since the currently airing Top Gear reboot started coming together, things haven't been going well behind the scenes, but at least that show has a future set in stone for the time being. The same cannot be said for the U.S. version of the vehicle-championing series, though, as Top Gear USA is ending on History.

First Look At Ozzy Osbourne's New TV Show Is Predictably Strange

Well, Ozzy Osbourne has a new reality series debuting this summer, and it's just as weird as you'd think it would be.

Snoop Dogg May Not Be Watching Roots, But A Lot Of Other People Are

It was just a couple of days ago that rapper Snoop Dogg voiced his extreme dislike for the idea of the new Roots mini-series. When the rebooted tale debuted on Monday night, though, it was obvious that Snoop’s call to boycott the show fell on a lot of deaf ears.

Check Out Snoop Dogg's Blunt And Scathing Rant About The Roots Remake

Reviews for History's Roots remake have been glowing, Snoop Dogg has absolutely no interest in the reimagining or anything like it, and he went off on it and similar projects in a scathing rant.

Vikings Just Added A Tudors Actor For Season 5

It’s a damn good time to be a Viking. The hit History series Vikings has officially been picked up for a 20-episode fifth season, and it goes without saying that fans couldn’t be happier. Adding to that joy is a pretty great new casting addition.

Why The Vikings Creator Has Problems With Game Of Thrones

Vikings is a show about big, bold dreams and conquests, which occasionally leads to violence and more. But showrunner Michael Hirst does not enjoy comparisons between his series and HBO's Game of Thrones.

History Is Getting A Comedy Block With A Twist

In recent years, the network has even delved into scripted dramas with Vikings and the upcoming Knightfall and Six on the way. Now, the cabler says it is getting its own brand new late night comedy block, but it's coming with a bit of a twist.

History Is Finally Getting Some More Original Dramas

History has always been a top stop when it comes to documentaries, but the network has had a great deal of success with Vikings as an original scripted drama. Now, History has some more original dramas in the works to spice things up.

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