When The Resident Will Return To Fox With New Episodes After The Time Jump

Season 5 of The Resident has been an emotional ride starting from the very beginning with the build to Emily VanCamp's definitive departure followed by Nic’s death and the aftermath. That grieving process got a bit of closure in the most recent episode when her loved ones came together in her honor, and then the show surprisingly fast-forwarded through the rest with a time jump of several years. Unfortunately for fans, The Resident is taking a break before revealing the new status quo for the characters after the time jump, but at least Fox has shared when the show will return and previewed what’s on the way. 

The final minutes of The Resident’s fifth episode saw the action jump about four years ahead, with baby Gigi becoming toddler Gigi ready to head out to trick-or-treat, so there are a lot of questions that need answers. Sadly, The Resident won’t be back to reveal what comes next until Tuesday, November 2 at the very earliest. The show is being preempted on October 26 by Game 1 of the MLB’s World Series between the Atlanta Braves and the Houston Astros. If the World Series concludes in five games or less, then The Resident will be back on November 2. If, however, the World Series goes to Game 6, then The Resident won’t be back until November 9. 

While a delay isn’t the best news after the previous episode ended on such an intriguing twist, at least fans can be confident that the next episode will be an exciting one. Called “Ask Your Doctor,” it will see Conrad bringing a patient to Chastain in a move that eventually causes a crisis of high security. A big name will also arrive at Chastain, with a fighter coming in for treatment after a big MMA fight. As if that’s not enough, AJ and Bell are up for the same job at Chastain, and Leela will be getting a visit from her sister. 

All of these stories would already make “Ask Your Doctor” an episode of The Resident not to be missed even without the time jump, and the promo for the episode reveals that fans are in for some big changes. Take a look: 

Now, on first glance, it looks like Leela and AJ have become a couple by the time The Resident picks up with the four-year time jump, but fans of Devon/Leela don’t have to despair just yet. Leela’s sister will be played by Aneesha Joshi, the twin sister of The Resident series regular Anuja Joshi. The promo could well be showing that AJ hooked up with Leela’s identical twin sister, which… might still be pretty weird for Leela considering that they look alike, but not necessarily bad news for Devon and Leela’s relationship that had been going so strong. 

The promo also confirms that Conrad has left his work at the hospital, but at least the episode description revealing that Conrad brings a patient to Chastain means that he’s still in the mix. And I’m guessing it’s only a matter of time and getting back into the swing of things before Conrad decides that the ER is where he’s meant to be. Devon has… grown more of a beard, AJ has evidently published a book, and that’s undoubtedly not all. 

So even with the wait of at least one extra week, there’s a lot to be excited about, and I won’t blame any fans if they’re hoping that either the Atlanta Braves or the Houston Astros lose the World Series in time for The Resident to return on November 2 in its usual time of 8 p.m. ET on Fox. A new character is on the way, who may or may not be the woman who will be Conrad’s next love interest after his time jump recovery from Nic’s death, so be sure to tune in!

Laura Hurley
Senior Content Producer

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