How The Resident Is Handling Conrad’s New Love Interest After Nic

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Spoilers ahead for The Resident Season 5, Episode 5 “The Thinnest Veil.” Read at your own risk!

The most recent episode of Fox medical drama The Resident ended with a surprising twist: the series jumped a few years into the future and heavily altered the status quo. Now that the series is moving past the death of Emily VanCamp’s Nicolette Nevin, Matt Czuchry’s Conrad Hawkins will soon have a new love interest. While it may be too soon for fans, he may be ready to find love once again and co-showrunner Peter Elkoff has previewed how the series will handle it.

Conrad and Nic’s love story has been at the center of the show since its first season. Their rekindled romance in the first few seasons was more of a “Will they or won’t they?” scenario, but they eventually went all in on the romance. The two proposed to one another in Season 3 and finally got married at the beginning of Season 4, much to fans’ delight. Soon, it was revealed Nic was pregnant, and all seemed right with the world after she gave birth to baby GiGi in the season finale. 

After Nic’s death, Conrad was devastated, as were her colleagues at Chastain, but it looks like it is indeed time to move on. Peter Elkoff recently dropped some hints to TVLine regarding how the show plans to tackle the character's new love:

We will try to tell stories in a way, going forward, where the audience will go, ‘It’s going to be her. Wait, no! I think it’s going to be her. No, wait a minute. I bet you it’s going to be her.’ We’re going to try and pepper the episodes with moments of connection and collaboration and emotional moments with different people, where you feel like you’ve seen the beginning of something, and you may be right, or you may be wrong.

While Nic will always be in Conrad’s life, it’s definitely not going to be easy for fans to see him move on. Still, it's good to know it won’t happen right away and that it will progress throughout the season. Just who he actually falls for will be something to look forward to as Season 5 goes on. Maybe there's something in this new woman that's very reminiscent of Nic?

On the other hand, it'll be interesting to see how the time jump will affect everyone. A lot can certainly happen in the span of a few years. For instance, it was sweet to see GiGi no longer as a baby but as a toddler instead. We'll see how things play out for the little lady and her father as they continue to navigate their new reality.

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