Disney World's New Toy Story Restaurant Opened Reservations And The Problems Went To Infinity And Beyond

Buzz and Rex in Toy Story 2.
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2023 is an exciting time for upcoming Walt Disney World attractions, especially in the near future. In the Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland, the Tron Lightcycle Run is finally set to make its debut for Users and Programs alike to enjoy on April 4th. A couple weeks earlier than that, Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be opening the doors to its Roundup Rodeo BBQ table service restaurant. Reservations have officially been opened in anticipation, and the problems at one point had gone to infinity and beyond.

Apparently, trying to secure reservations for the long awaited Toy Story-themed eatery delayed from a 2022 opening wasn’t exactly a smooth affair. In fact, the folks at BlogMickey had noted that the reservations were closed not too long after they had opened, only to be made available yet again. Set to open on March 23rd, here are the ups and downs of this experience, as noted by the publication’s social media feed: 

Also revealed today was the apparent cost of the Roundup Rodeo BBQ experience. Adult admission will cost $45, with children’s admission being priced at $25. Both prices include tax and gratuity, with a “family style” experience that will include various meat and plant-based options, as well as all of the sides you’d expect from such cuisine. Not to mention that a variety of adult alcoholic beverages will be available, for an extra charge.

Before the reservations were turned back on for Roundup Rodeo BBQ, some were having problems in the way of trying to nab a seat at the Toy Story table. Alicia Stella of Theme Park Stop fame chronicled her own journey through this reaction provided on social media:

True to what the source above had noted, it looks like the game is on once again for barbeque enthusiasts to grab a shot at this roasted and sauced glory. It’s an affair that’s been as wild of a rollercoaster ride as a trip on the Slinky Dog Dash attraction in Toy Story Land. 

Thankfully, it doesn’t seem like parkgoers will have to wait on the massive lines incurred by that thrill ride’s 2018 opening, as Roundup Rodeo BBQ will initially require advanced reservations. While there are limitations on the slots remaining, there's a slight sigh of relief to be had that this toy box isn't totally cleaned out. Which, of course, has led to today’s roundup of stress and strife, as seen in this next reaction: 

Disney’s Hollywood Studios has had some problems with getting Toy Story Land up and going, slowly, but surely addressing these issues over the years. As such, you can’t blame people for potentially losing faith in even glancing at a reservation for this new part of the park. Such a reaction was reflected in our next post from a person who couldn’t believe their own luck: 

Another silver lining for this new Walt Disney World offering is that a restaurant experience doesn’t require a restrictive seating apparatus. That issue is currently presenting itself with Tron Lightcycle/Run, as pointed out in reactions gathered during the cast member and passholder preview events already underway. Hope still springs eternal for those of you who want to reserve a spot around that coaster’s April 4th opening, as seen in our last reaction to this entire scenario: 

It’s surprising that none of the reactions to Roundup Rodeo BBQ’s initial booking snafu have asked whether or not parkgoers will have to wait until the release of the recently-announced Toy Story 5 to experience it. Then again, with the bookings recently turned back on, it may not be too long before such sentiments are expressed. We'll see how everything shakes out not too long from now when Disney's Hollywood Studios drops the rope on this dining venue on March 23rd.

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