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Happy Feet Synopsis

In the great nation of Emperor Penguins, deep in Antarctica, you’re nobody unless you can sing—which is unfortunate for Mumble (ELIJAH WOOD), who is the worst singer in the world. He is born dancing to his own tune…tap dancing. Though Mumble’s mom, Norma Jean (NICOLE KIDMAN), thinks this little habit is cute, his dad, Memphis (HUGH JACKMAN), says it “just ain’t penguin.” Besides, they both know that, without a Heartsong, Mumble may never find true love. As fate would have it, his one friend, Gloria (BRITTANY MURPHY), happens to be the best singer around. Mumble and Gloria have a connection from the moment they hatch, but she struggles with his strange “hippity- hoppity” ways. Mumble is just too different—especially for Noah the Elder (HUGO WEAVING), the stern leader of Emperor Land, who ultimately casts him out of the community.

Away from home for the first time, Mumble meets a posse of decidedly un-Emperor-like penguins—the Adelie Amigos. Led by Ramon (ROBIN WILLIAMS), the Adelies instantly embrace Mumble’s cool dance moves and invite him to party with them. In Adelie Land, Mumble seeks the counsel of Lovelace the Guru (also voiced by ROBIN WILLIAMS), a crazy-feathered Rockhopper penguin who will answer any of life’s questions for the price of a pebble. Together with Lovelace and the Amigos, Mumble sets out across vast landscapes and, after some epic encounters, proves that by being true to yourself, you can make all the difference in the world.

Coming soon... or whenever Josh gets around to it.

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Happy Feet Release Date
In Theaters November 17, 2006
Happy Feet Credits
Starring: Voice Cast: Elijah Wood, Robin Williams, Brittany Murphy, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Hugo Weaving, Anthony LaPaglia, Magda Szubanski, Miriam Mirgoyles
Directed by: George Miller
Produced by: Doug Mitchell, George Miller, Bill Miller
MPAA Rating: [ PG ]
Distributor: Warner Bros. Pictures
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Happy Feet 2 Delayed? Happy Feet 2 Delayed?
His attempts to make Mad Max were washed away by the Australian weather and so in theory he’s now entirely focused on the penguin sequel. Except that, like everything else he works on, has run into even more delays too. What’s the problem? Happy Feet 2 may not have hired enough help. It takes hundreds of talented artists slaving away at hundreds of computers for months...
by Josh Tyler April 8, 2011 discussion comments
Brittany Murphy Was Supposed To Be In Happy Feet 2 Brittany Murphy Was Supposed To Be In Happy Feet 2
Brittany Murphy had talent that, unfortunately, she was never able to show. For me, 8 Mile more than proved that. But her acting potential wasn’t the only thing left unmet; she also had a great talent for voice acting
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Happy Feet 2 Brings Back Elijah Wood And Robin Williams Happy Feet 2 Brings Back Elijah Wood And Robin Williams
Happy Feet was supposed to get a sequel what seems like ages ago, but now something is finally getting done on a followup to the critically acclaimed 2006 animated movie
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