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How Wonder Woman Evolved From Her Solo Movie To Justice League, According To Gal Gadot

While most major superheroes are introduced to the big screen nowadays in their very own solo films, this wasn't the case for Wonder Woman.

The Secret Behind Barbossa’s New Look In Pirates Of The Caribbean

Geoffrey Rush's Captain Barbossa has undergone quite a bit of change since the start of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise all the way back in 2003.

Why Acting Opposite Jack Sparrow Is A Crazy Experience, According To Kaya Scodelario

While some actors carry serious weight as movie stars, there are some who have developed iconic characters that debatably outweigh them. One arguable example of this case is Johnny Depp, who has been playing Captain Jack Sparrow for nearly 15 years, and has become identifiable with the role around the world.

The Real Reason Baywatch Went Hard R Instead Of PG-13, According To The Rock

There's a very clear reason why we see so many PG-13 blockbusters hit theaters during the summer: kids are out of school, and it's a perfect time to try and heard them into the local cineplex. This, however, is an approach that the new movie Baywatch tosses to the wind.

Will John Wick 3 Be Bigger Budget And More Explosive? Here's What The Director Says

When it comes to budgets, Hollywood sequels have notoriously followed a similar pattern for decades: if a movie is a hit, the follow-up needs to be at least double the size.

One Huge Advantage John Wick 3 Has Over Wick 2, According To The Director

As a sequel, John Wick: Chapter 2 does an amazing job of expanding the unique universe that was established in its predecessor -- but it also had certain duties that it needed to fulfill.

The Crazy Detailed Way Luc Besson Built The Movie Universe For Valerian

Luc Besson actually created a full-blown bible for the cinematic universe that included some ridiculous levels of detail.

How Javier Bardem’s Pirates Of The Caribbean Character Stands Out From The Other Villains He’s Played

Javier Bardem has played arguably two of the most iconic villains of the last decade. In No Country For Old Men he basically became a force of pure evil as Anton Chigurh, and in Skyfall he stepped up to make Raoul Silva one of the greatest James Bond foes of all time.

One Unexpected Reaction Baywatch Audiences Had To Zac Efron, According To Dwayne Johnson

In the new comedy Baywatch, the relationship between Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron's characters is what could best be described as 'caustic.'

The Mummy Has A Creature From The Black Lagoon Easter Egg, And It's Awesome

Universal Pictures is in the process of molding their very own cinematic universe, based on the classic monsters they first brought to the big screen in the early 20th century.

Resident Evil Is Already Getting A Reboot

Earlier this year it looked as though Resident Evil had finally run its course on the big screen, with director Paul W.S. Anderson delivering fans Resident Evil: The Final Chapter back in January. It turns out that while it's true that we may never see Milla Jovovich's Alice again, however, the franchise is far from done, as reboot plans are now in the works.

Why Wonder Woman Won't Have An End-Credits Scene

When it comes to building cinematic universe franchises, end-credits scenes have very much become common place -- utilized to help tease future projects on the horizon. This, however, has not really been the case for the growing DC Extended Universe.

How Marvel's President Feels About One Day Adding The X-Men And The Fantastic Four

Fans have been griping for years now about the way in which the various movie rights to Marvel characters are split among multiple companies.

That Time Nathan Fillion Played A Superhero Who Played Tony Stark

In the past few weeks, James Gunn has been slowly revealing more details about Nathan Fillion's cut cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - confirming that the actor was going to be featured as superhero/actor Simon Williams in a series of movie posters in the background of a scene.

Why Jordan Peele Isn’t Directing The Live Action Akira

Shortly after the incredibly successful box office launch of his directorial debut earlier this year, Jordan Peele quickly found himself facing a potential avenue into the world of blockbuster filmmaking. This is why he turned away.

The Hardest Challenge The Emoji Movie Ran Into During Development

In The Emoji Movie, digital characters travel from app to app as they travel on their adventure, and most will recognize the names of these various locations (from Instagram to Spotify). One specific brand that isn't used, however, is the actual brand of phone that the movie takes place within.

Why Snatched Cut A Hilarious Strip Poker Scene From The Finished Movie

Given the central premise of director Jonathan Levine's new comedy Snatched, tone is a tricky thing.

Why That Thor: Ragnarok Character Shows Up In The Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 End Credits

There are a number of strange things that happen during the end credits of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 -- and they're not all limited to the five extra scenes that James Gunn has peppered in.

Wonder Woman Box Office Projections Are Down From A Few Weeks Ago

Superhero movies have been regularly been making bank for years now - but there's still a degree of unpredictability that comes with each new release's opening weekend. Some do just well enough to establish a solid foundation for a blossoming franchise, and others shatter records.

Why Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Performance In The Wall Is Even More Impressive Than It Looks

Just knowing the lonely premise of The Wall reveals the incredible challenge put before star Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the lead role - but the part was actually even harder than you might think.

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