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The Awkward CHIPS Scene Dax Shepard Worried About Pulling Off
Tone is often one of the trickiest aspects of cinematic storytelling. Inconsistency can stop an audience from understanding a movie's intent, and rapid, ungraceful changes can wind up being disorienting for both movie-goers and performers.
Who Would Have Won In Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash, According To Robert Englund
While studio headbutting wound up getting in the way, there was once a time when movie fans were going to be treated to the incredible cinematic sight of Evil Dead's Ash Campbell going toe-to-toe-to-toe with A Nightmare On Elm Street's Freddy Kruger and Friday the 13th's Jason Voorhees.
Will Marvel's Netflix Characters Cross Over Into The Movies? Here's What Anthony Mackie Says
Marvel fans have spent years asking for more concrete connections between the film and television worlds of the Marvel Cinematic Universe - and yet we haven't seen any forward momentum.
3 Major Things We Learned About Deadpool's Future Movies
In what seemed like the blink of an eye, Deadpool went from cinematic zero to hero. Thanks to a critically-beloved solo feature, he is arguably now the most popular character in the X-Men franchise, and therefore has the brightest of futures ahead of him on the big screen.
Another Major Mission Impossible Character Will Be Back For M:I 6
In addition to being amazing films, the most recent installments of the Mission: Impossible series have been highly beneficial to the franchise in two very specific ways: a stronger focus on continuity, and amazing location-centric set pieces.
Why Rogue One Changed Its Original Happier Ending
SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for the ending of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. If you have not yet seen the film, please bookmark this page and save it until you have a screening opportunity!
How Gal Gadot Would Convince Boys To Get Excited About Wonder Woman
For the last 75 years, Wonder Woman has existed as one of the most beloved pop culture icons -- and yet never got her own big screen adventure.
Why Deadpool 3 And X-Force Will Be Very Different Projects
Back in November, a report came out saying that 20th Century Fox was not only already moving forward with plans for a Deadpool 3, but that it would be a film that would essentially be orchestrated around the team of mutants known as X-Force. As it turns out, however, this is entirely false.
Was Jyn Ever Supposed To Battle A TIE Fighter In Rogue One? The Writer Explains
There were many memorable moments in the trailers for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but easily one of the most exciting was the sight of Felicity Jones' Jyn Erso going head-to-head with a TIE Fighter while standing on an antenna.
Was Mr. Potts The Character Most Negatively Affected By The Beauty And The Beast Curse?
There is no questioning that the inhabitants of the royal castle in Beauty and the Beast suffer a great deal as a result of the witch's curse. But one man suffers more than any of them.
Why Star Wars Fans Won't Ever See The Opening Crawl Gary Whitta Wrote For Rogue One
Fans of the Star Wars franchise have been wondering for a while now if the world would ever see any kind of "opening crawl" for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story -- and earlier this week director Gareth Edwards stoked the flames by telling fans that screenwriter Gary Whitta had written one for the first draft of the blockbuster's script.
The Predator: What We Know So Far
The Predator franchise has been laying low since Nimrod Antal's Predators back in 2010, but the cinematic return of the legendary extraterrestrial killer is imminent.
How Prominent The Guardians Of The Galaxy Will Be In Avengers: Infinity War, According To James Gunn
It's been well established that The Avengers: Infinity War is an epic juggling exercise for directors Joe and Anthony Russo and screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely.
Why The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Sequel Is Recasting, According To The Director
After about four years of waiting, the next Hollywood-made Girl With The Dragon Tattoo movie is finally getting its act together, but with some very notable changes from the David Fincher version.
The Darkly Hilarious Beauty And The Beast Moment That Luke Evans And Josh Gad Improvised Together
In Bill Condon's Beauty and the Beast, the two greatest scene-stealers are arguably neither the titular leads nor any of the anthropomorphic housewares.
The Belko Experiment
Those looking for a fun, relaxing time at the local multiplex may want to steer clear of The Belko Experiment on the big screen, but the movie is most certainly a genre film fan's delight: equal parts smart and mean.
How Long Has The Prince Been Cursed In The New Beauty And The Beast? Dan Stevens And Bill Condon Weigh In
As great as Walt Disney Animation's Beauty and the Beast is, there is one significant flaw in its storytelling.
Why The Belko Experiment Will Be Tough To Watch For Some Audiences, According To James Gunn
Thanks to his work on Guardians of the Galaxy and the many laughs to be found in titles like Super and Slither, writer/director James Gunn is well-regarded for his sense of humor -- but that's not really what his latest film, The Belko Experiment, is about.
How Many Seasons The Good Place Showrunner Has Planned, According To Kristen Bell
As the season finale of NBC's The Good Place demonstrated, creator Michael Schur and his team of writers are hardly flying by the seat of their pants in the design of the show.
The Surprising New Challenge For Emma Watson That Came With Playing Belle In Beauty And The Beast
The new live-action adaptation of Disney's Beauty and the Beast was clearly no easy feat to put together. On beyond the thousands of man-hours required for the visual effects, the performances by the actors had the additional challenges of complex choreography and belting to the rafters.
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