Big Year For Blue Valentine: Scored An R-rating And A Blu-Ray Release

By Jessica Grabert 2011-02-24 13:00:54
Blue Valentine, the movie The Weinstein Company had to bolster and beg for in order to persuade the MPAA ratings board to keep the film within the realm of an R rating, is coming to DVD and Blu-Ray on May 10th. Blue Valentine is both extremely sexual and extremely emotional, and its uncut and uncensored DVD and Blu-Ray releases will be no exception.

If this doesnít sound like your cup of tea, itís because it probably isnít. Even with veteran actors Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams playing the fucked-up leads, Blue Valentine isnít easy to get through. As lovers of Captain Beefheart and Max Tundra, Pink Flamingos and Requiem for a Dream know, sometimes being enjoyable isnít the point.

The release of Blue Valentine wonít be all difficulty and gloom, though. So far, Anchor Bay Home Entertainment is reporting that both discs will come with features, including audio commentary with director Derek Cianfrance, who is generally known for documentaries, and co-editor Jim Helton, whose first full-length editing effort was on Blue Valentine. A second extra will be a ďMaking ofĒ featurette. Even cooler, the discs will have an additional home movie, and even some deleted scenes.

It seems somewhat ironic the Weinstein Company would labor to make certain the final product of Blue Valentine would be R-rated and fully within their control, when the film itself is all about people who arenít really in control. Then again, the companyís other prominent film this year was The Kingís Speech, which is all about a man who is getting his shit together. Itís remarkable the studio could go in so many different directions and still manage to be financially on the up and up, but if anyone can talk about not having and having their shit together, itís the Weinsteins.
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