This weekend marks the debut of the mainstream portion of Spike Lee’s career. His new movie Inside Man looks as if it would be more comfortable on a shelf with 16 Blocks or Flightplan than it would with 25th Hour or Malcolm X. Basically, it looks nothing like a Spike Lee movie.

Celebrate Spike’s impending riches with free stuff from his Denzel Washington starring Inside Man. We’ve got a great prize pack from the film to give away. What’s in it? You know, the usual. Stuff with the movie’s name on it. If you guessed that stuff includes a t-shirt among other knick-knacks, you’re probably on the right track.

What do you have to do to win? Simple. Guess how much money Spike’s movie will make.

To win the prize pack, play Bowling For Box Office – Inside Man Edition on the CB Forum and win. The person who correctly guesses the top five movies for the weekend of March 24th – 26th in order, wins the prize pack. For a tie breaker, guess how much money Inside Man will make in its first three days. Whoever gets closest to the film’s final number comes out on top.

To play, click here and post your guesses. You’ll have to register with the CB Forum, so we’ll know how to contact you and send you your shwag.

Note: You must have your guesses posted by noon on Friday March 24th! So don't delay! Get moving!

If you don't follow directions you won't win, even if you send me a sob story about how you're disabled, or have 15 children, or frittered away all your money on hookers and beer and you deserve to win one more than anyone else because your life sucks (you people know who you are). Well my life sucks too and I'm not getting free stuff! So keep all that to yourself.

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