We just unveiled some thrilling new screenshots of Midway’s FPS World War II title, Hour of Victory. But now it’s time to take a look at how the game actually plays out. Midway has recently released a new trailer alongside the new screenshots and you can decide for yourself whether the game stands apart from all the other World War II clones.

Road to Victory...medals of victory...hours of honor...I’ve almost lost count of all the victories, honors, medals and duties that seem to appear every other week on every other system. Not that I have anything against World War II games, but one too many too often can leave us gamers...well, shell shocked.

Now I would honestly be surprised if Hour of Victory managed to be a really good game, all the way around. The large environments with various, operable vehicles could add some interesting elements to the general gameplay mechanics. But enough about the aspirations this game may or may not reach, just view the trailer below. Enjoy.

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