Call it a lineup lobotomy. While not yet officially cancelled, consider CBS’s medical drama ‘3 Lbs.’ under heavy anesthesia. Network big wigs confirmed Wednesday that the Peter Ocko-produced show has been given the old heave ho (or, placed on hiatus effective immediately, in network corporate-ese).

It is still unconfirmed whether the eye will air the presumably final episode titled “Disarming” in primetime next Tuesday, December 5 at 9 PM ET. While reports that the special time (3 Lbs. previously aired at 10 PM ET) has been scrapped in favor of ‘The Unit’, both and currently report next week’s episode is still a go.

In the ever competitive tug of war between network television and independent internet media, cutting ‘3lbs’ is a smart move by CBS. The show’s lousy ratings dropped each week it aired, even outpacing the also-cancelled ‘Smith.’ The net hasn’t shown any signs of resuscitating the drama by ordering more episodes beyond the eight already made, or via placing it in another time slot, either.

Additionally, 10 PM Tuesday nights has proven a scheduling affliction for the eye, as ‘Smith,’ ‘Love Monkey’ and ‘Tuesday Night Book Club’ also fell victim to its ratings curse. Only ‘Close to Home’ has proven a survivor, with CBS rescuing the series by moving it to Fridays at 9 PM ET.

Out of the top-billed cast, series star Stanley Tucci (who plays the House-esque Dr. Doug Hanson) is so far the only one moving onto bigger projects. reports him cast as a voice in Cat Tale and The Tale of Despereaux, movies both set for 2008.

Full episodes of ‘3Lbs.’ can currently be seen on CBS’s Innertube.

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