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New Justice League Photo Shows The Team Preparing For Battle

Last summer, the San Diego Comic-Con presentation for Justice League came with a special treat for fans worldwide, as the first ever footage premiered online for everybody to see. Since then, we've seen very little, but now the early days of 2017 have been treated with a cool new team photo.

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Why Flash And Arrow Fans Should Give Legends Of Tomorrow Another Chance

If you're a fan of Arrow or The Flash then you should consider giving Legends of Tomorrow a second chance. Here's why.

Why Legends Of Tomorrow Is The Perfect Place To End The 4-Show Crossover

Legends of Tomorrow's Maisie Richardson-Sellers told us great news about the upcoming crossover.

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The Flash Losing Another Director Points To A Real Problem In The DCEU

With both 2017's Wonder Woman and 2018's The Flash, Warner Bros. has found itself in a situation where they have been forced to look for a new director following months of pre-production work. For now there are only two examples, but it's most definitely not a great start for a franchise that producer Deborah Snyder has previously described as being "filmmaker-driven."

The Flash Season 3: What We Know So Far

With Season 2 of The Flash coming fast and furious, we've put together everything we know about Season 3 of The CW drama for a look ahead that will be updated as new information, trailers, castings and more are unveiled.

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2016 Fall TV Premiere Schedule: Dates For New And Returning Shows

Following this year's lengthy list of cancellations, the major networks have a bunch of new series on the calendar including both comedies and dramas. Check out the new shows and more with our full fall TV premiere schedule.

The DC Extended Universe Is Undergoing A Big Tonal Change

The sharp tonal contrast between DC and Marvel has existed for three years, but you can expect that to change greatly in the coming years, as DC Comics and Warner Bros. are easing off of the "darkness" acceleration pedal.

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How Long Flashpoint Will Last, According To The CW

The Flash Season 2 came to a crazy conclusion in May when Barry Allen ran back in time and changed the past to kick off the Flashpoint story. Now, we know how long Flashpoint will last into Season 3.

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The Flash And Arrow Universe Is About To Make Its Villains Way Stronger, Get The Details

There has been no shortage of villains on Arrow and The Flash over the years, from the weekly metahumans and vagrants to the season-capping big bads. Now, the combined TV universe is going huge with some familiar faces.

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How Iris Would Have Reacted If She'd Known What Barry Was Doing For His Mom On The Flash

Actress Candice Patton has some thoughts on how Iris would have responded to Barry Allen's life-changing decision in the final moments of The Flash's Season 2 finale.

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How IMDB Spoiled The Flash Season 2 Before It Aired

Season 2 of The Flash has featured some pretty big mysteries that have kept the show fun to watch. As it turns out, however, one of the biggest secrets about Season 2 was spoiled on IMDB long before it aired.

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How The Flash Just Proved Barry And Jay Garrick Are Connected

With everything that happened in tonight’s episode, it’s hard to believe that there could be anything else to remark on, especially since there was a bit of major, super important info that was completely overlooked by Barry immediately after hearing it.

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How The Flash And Zoom's Origin Stories Compare

When The Flash slapped audiences with the truth about Zoom, they pulled out all the storyline stops. And, it looks like before Season 2 ends, we’ll mostly have an explanation for why Zoom is on a quest for speed domination.

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Why Supergirl Chose To Cross Over With The Flash And Not Arrow

The upcoming Flash/Supergirl crossover will see The CW and CBS teaming heroes up for the first time. According to Supergirl executive producer Greg Bertlanti, there's a good reason why Flash was chosen over Arrow as the CW representative.

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Arrow Season 5 And The Flash Season 3 Are Happening

Arrow and The Flash have brought big ratings for The CW, so it's not a total shocker that they've been renewed for the 2016 - 2017 season.

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Why Justice League Isn't A Very Easy Movie To Make

While DC has taken longer to get their cinematic world up and running than their competition over at Marvel Studios, the ball has finally begun to get rolling. With Wonder Woman currently filming, many eyes are now focused on the big chapter that will follow that movie, Justice League: Part One.

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Could The Film and TV Flash Characters Cross Over? Here's What We Know

Kevin Smith has shared new rumors that we may one day see multiple versions of The Flash cross over with one another through the multiverse.

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See Flash And Cyborg In First Official Justice League Photo

So far we’ve seen good looks at four DCEU heroes: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman. Now we finally have our first peek at the other two Justice Leaguers in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: The Flash and Cyborg.

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The First Arrow And Flash Crossover Photo Looks Incredible, Features A Crazy Crimefighting Team

Arrow and The Flash will be joining forces yet again in 2015, but this crossover isn’t just another opportunity to team Oliver Queen and Barry Allen again.

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Why Netflix Users May Have To Wait Way Longer For Some Big Shows

Netflix has been losing a lot of popular programming in recent months, instead choosing to focus more on original programming. However, very soon the subscription streaming service may lose some of the biggest network TV programs it is still paying for, and not because Netflix is alright with losing those programs.

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