Could MechWarrior Tactics Be A Free-To-Play MMO?

By William Usher 4 years ago discussion comments
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A reader tipped us off to a new website with a countdown timer on it. It has just under a week to go before it expires and it's the same countdown for the SOADA Game website that we reported on a few days ago.

The website is called and just like the website users are treated to a countdown (the one on MechWarrior Tactics is a little bit ahead of the SODA game website) and both games are being published by Infinite Game Publishing. The company has made no official announcement about new or upcoming games, however, they do have two open slots on their main website indicating that two new games are on the way.

Currently, Infinite Game Publishing is an MMO publisher setup by 7G Entertainment located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Their focus is on online social games with an $8 million dollar initiative from 7G to provide a host of online, browser-based and casual games.

It's hard to tell right now if SOADA and MechWarrior Tactics are hoax websites or legitimate games in the works with actual announcements arriving next week. We'll be able to tell next Monday on February 20th whether someone is just pulling the legs of gamers like with the Half-Life 3 trolls or if Infinite Games really does have some new games in the works.

Thanks Jack H. for the news tip.
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