Open-world Dead Island first gained notice with a very emotional CGI trailer. Publisher Deep Silver is taking the same approach with Dead Island: Riptide by releasing a similarly depressing video.

The trailer begins with a sailboat gliding through the open sea, with a young couple manning the wheel. A storm rages in the background. The scene then shifts. The couple is still embracing, but now they're inside the boat with zombies pounding on the glass.

I won't spoil the ending but rest assured it does not end well. It's not quite as depressing as the Dead Island trailer, though. Not the most ringing endorsement I've ever given a trailer but there you go.

In Riptide, the survivors from the first game have reached the tropical island of Palanai. This island is no safe haven, though - it's suffering a zombie infestation of its own. What's worse, the area has been struck by a monsoon so the jungles and towns alike are all flooded.

Riptide will be released next year. For more details and screenshots, head here.




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