Epic Mickey 2 Gameplay Trailer Fixes Up Fort Wasteland

By Pete Haas 4 years ago discussion comments
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Junction Point Studios unveiled additional gameplay footage from Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two. The video demonstrates the teamwork between Mickey and Oswald at the heart of this action-platformer.

In Power of Two, the Wasteland is once again in danger. The Mad Doctor, the main villain from the first game, claims to have turned over a new leaf but Oswald believes he's behind the mysterious earthquakes destroying the land. He and Mickey team up to save the Wasteland once again.

This game introduces co-op to the series, with Oswald taking on the role of Player Two. He has a number of distinct abilities at his disposal, with his main tool being a remote control. If you're playing the game alone, Oswald will be controlled by the A.I.. That seems to be the case in this video.

Epic Mickey 2 will be arriving on November 18th. While the first game was a Wii exclusive, the sequel will be available on the PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Mac as well.

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