GamesCom 2011: X-Men: Destiny Screenshots Encounter Iceman

By Pete Haas 5 years ago discussion comments
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In X-Men Destiny, players will control brand new characters in the X-Men universe. However, as the new screenshots prove, they'll still run into some familiar faces.

Players chose between three characters: Aimi Yoshida, Grant Alexander, and Adrian Luca. All three are young mutants developing their powers. You'll be able to shape the character as you wish, selecting from a number of offensive, defensive and utility powers.

You'll also make a number of moral decisions throughout the game as well. For example, you can choose to join the X-Men or their evil counterpart the Brotherhood of Mutants. Depending on your choices, you'll fight alongside or against established characters from the comics.

X-Men Destiny is due on September 27th in North America and on the 30th in Europe.
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