Gears Of War: Judgment Stars Cole Train and Baird

By Pete Haas 4 years ago discussion comments
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Microsoft will officially announce the next Gears of War in a couple days. However, a few extra details on the game have been revealed today, including its title: Gears of War: Judgment.

Judgment is the cover story for the upcoming issue of Game Informer. The mag showed off a teaser image for the cover on Thursday with an obscured figure in chains. Today they revealed who this mysterious figure is: Damon Baird, one of the squadmates of Marcus Fenix in the original Gears trilogy. An alternate cover shows Cole Train also in chains.

The rumor is that Judgment is the start of a new prequel trilogy. The fact that there are still cities and Locust in these cover images makes it seem likely that Judgment takes place before the other games. Cole looks a bit on the young side here, too.

Many assumed that the person in chains on the cover was Marcus, as he was imprisoned shortly before the events of the first GoW game due to insubordination. Why are Baird and Cole in chains, though? What sort of trouble did they get in? Will Marcus be in the game at all?

The first trailer for Judgment will premiere on Monday, perhaps during Microsoft's E3 press conference.
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