God Of War: Ascension Super Bowl Trailer Teased

By Ryan Winslett 2013-01-30 08:43:33 discussion comments
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Sony is preparing to launch a new God of War: Ascension trailer during the Super Bowl this Sunday, and to get all of you internet-savvy gamers ready, they’ve launched an official teaser for the trailer, too. What’s more, the teaser from yesterday was actually a teaser for this teaser to the trailer. That made sense, right?

Think of this latest set of trailers for God of War: Ascension as something of a promotional inception. There’s a trailer within a trailer within a trailer. Deep, right? Yesterday, we reported that Sony was teasing their “Game Day 2013” announcements, set for this coming Friday, with a very brief teaser video. We speculated at the time that the scene of a woman walking up a hill in Grecian garb likely had something to do with the upcoming God of War: Ascension. Not a very bold prediction, I know, but it was worth mentioning.

Now Sony has released an even longer version of that trailer, calling it a “teaser” for a full God of War: Ascension trailer that will run during the Super Bowl. There’s always a chance we’ll get to see the full version on Friday, too, as that is supposedly when Sony will be making some game-related announcements and, based on the teaser for the teaser to the trailer, something about God of War: Ascension is definitely in the cards.

And now, I believe I have written my most confusing post to date. Anyway, time to break it down, just in case I managed to confuse the hell out of everyone. Sony’s Game Day 2013 event is happening Friday. Sunday, a new God of War trailer will run during the big game. You saw a super short version of that trailer yesterday. Now you can see a slightly longer version of that trailer, too.

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