Today the God of War: Origins Collection arrived on the PS3. Origins brings the PSP games God of War: Chains of Olympus and GoW: Ghost of Sparta together on a single Blu-ray.

Both games have been updated with high-def 1080p visuals and stereoscopic 3D. Dolby 5.1 / DTS surround sound and DualShock 3 rumble capabilities are both supported. A host of PSN Trophies were added for both games to give you new goals to strive for.

The $39.99 bundle also comes with a batch of bonus content. A Legionnaire Kratos skin and Forest of the Forgotten combat arena both await you in-game. A God of War Game Directors Live round table video is included on the Blu-ray as well.

The launch trailer for Origins, offering an introduction to both games in the collection, is below.

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