How Do Gamers Feel About The Xbox One, PS4?

By William Usher 2013-11-25 11:25:54 discussion comments

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are now officially available. The Xbox One launched last weekend on the 22nd of November, while the PlayStation 4 launched the week before on November 15th. The system s both cost a pretty penny and the hardware discrepancy between their specifications has caused some bit of controversy, but what do gamers think about all this?

It's hard to gauge what gamers actually think about the consoles in a non-fanboy way. But then again, most first-adopters are either the loyalists, tech enthusiasts or working in the field. Casuals aren't keen on blowing $500 for a box to play Ryse: Quicktime Events of Rome. Over on the Xbox One thread on Reddit, you have posts like this one here, saying that he was an “Xbox One Hater...” until he hunkered down and gave Microsoft a chance.

You've got forum threads stretching to great lengths over on GameFaqs about Microsoft in trouble due to the negative feedback of the disc-drive issue and GSOD. You've got threads on Neogaf and Reddit and discussions on Twitter about being banned over the Skyping on the Xbox One, while others on the Amazon forums bounce back and forth between praising, attacking, defending and just trying to get a gauge on whether or not the Xbox One even works.

The PlayStation 4 is in a slightly better position, dominating Twitter conversation from gamers and developers alike, praising the system with comments like the following...

The forum boards are mostly reflecting a lot of positivity for the PS4, where a GameSpot thread mostly asks the same question this article asks and gets swarmed with a lot of auspicious feedback. The majority of threads in /r/gaming actually seem to show leniency toward the PS4.

While the Xbox One is receiving a lot of negative feedback regarding the disc drive and bans over Skype, the PS4 is also receiving some negative feedback regarding the jet fans and bans. But what do you think about both consoles so far? Have they lived up to expectations?

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