Sleeping Dogs Walkthrough Videos Contain More Than 30 Minutes Of Gameplay

By William Usher 2012-08-13 15:22:43 discussion comments
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If you're like me and you don't trust reviews, read reviews or bother watching them because they do a piss poor job of properly explaining whether a game is fun or not, you're probably more inclined to watch loads of gameplay videos from actual players to get a sense of whether the game suits your gaming tastes or not. For Sleeping Dogs, several gameplay walkthroughs have been released featuring a complete breakdown of what you're going to get out of this game, what the exact kind of gameplay mechanics will be like, how the fighting systems work, what the gunplay is like and how a few of the meta-games operate.

The first video is a bit of a let's play session with United Front Games senior producer Jeff O'Connell with Revision 3, who has a play-through conducted by the rather androgynous looking Johnny. I'm sure if Johnny sent a few headshots to Square Enix (after getting some sleep, perhaps) he could nab a leading role in the next Final Fantasy.

The second video is part of a series of gameplay walkthroughs for Sleeping Dogs so you'll get a better idea of what to expect from the game from the early goings. Check e'm out below.

Oh man, that one part with the one guy in the back of the trunk was pretty cool, eh? Especially after O'Connell explained that players can do that to any civilian in the game.

Now if you're still undecided on whether you want to dive into Sleeping Dogs or not, there's always the option to rent the game, unless you were planning on getting the PC version and then you would probably have to resort to other means to give the game a test run without actually paying for it, if you know what I'm trying not to refer to, **wink**, **wink**.

Sleeping Dogs is set for release tomorrow in North America and Friday for Europe. The game will be made available digitally for PC and retail for Xbox 360 and PS3. If you need more information on the game feel free to pay a visit to the Official Website.
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