TGS 07: flOwer Trailer - So Pretty

By Steve West 9 years ago discussion comments
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Thereís so much excitement happening at TGS right now, Sony decided to relax everyone with a nice nature video. Below is the first trailer for flOwer, a game that we know nothing about. Actually, we canít even say this is a game. What is clear is how beautiful flOwer looks, and how soothing the trailer is. Weíre ready to curl up for a nap at the moment.

To us, the trailer looks like a tech demo showing off the power of Cell. Santa Monica Studios may prove us wrong, but thatís what weíre betting on. If flOwer does become a full-fledged title Ė as the title sequence referencing the PSN flOw game indicates Ė we expect itíll exist in a niche market right alongside Afrika and Cloud. Everything looks pretty, to be sure. But in a world where the PS3 is struggling at the back of the pack, Sony needs more Ratchet & Clank. Itís almost like theyíre trying to beat both Nintendo and Microsoft by creating an everyman game that looks better than everything else. Itís not going to work.

To see a flOwer sway in the wind watch the trailer below.

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