Warren Spector: Next-Gen Games Might Cost $200 Million To Make

By Zak Islam 4 years ago discussion comments
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Warren Spector, the lead designer of the Epic Mickey franchise, is worried about the potential high production values associated with the next-generation of consoles.

During an interview with†Digital Spy, Spector admitted that he's "a little scared" about "Pixar-quality graphics with interactivity" being achieved, which would result in development costs exceeded $200 million.

"Honestly? I donít care much about hardware. Nintendo games are some of the best games in the world and from a more graphical standpoint, the Wii canít do what a PS3 or 360 can do. Itís about design and not so much about tech for me. Honestly, Iím more scared about what will come next than I am excited."

"Once we can do Pixar-quality graphics rendered in real time with interactivity, I could see games costing $200 million to make and all of a sudden you have to sell a lot of games just to break even, so Iím a little worried someoneís going to do that," said Spector.

"Someoneís going to spendÖ well, there are already people spending $100 million on games, thatís not even insane anymore. $200, 300 million games, Iím a little scared about that, there arenít a lot of companies that have the resources or the courage to spend that much. So my gutís in a bit of a knot about that but whatever comes along Iíll just make games that work on that platform, I donít think about hardware too much."

Spector continued to say how such large budgets may warrant a $150 price tag for next-generation games, which is simply too much to charge the general consumer.

"If youíre spending $200 million on a game and youíre making $60 on 20 million copies sold, oh wait, youíre losing money if youíre the best-selling game of all time basically, right? I donít know how the business works anymore, thatís the problem," Spector said. "It already takes three years to make a game, when all of a sudden creating assets at an even higher level of quality and animations that are even a higher level of quality, I donít know how weíre going to do it. Weíll figure it out but right now Iím content where I am."

The industry veteran, who was one of the designers behind the original†Deus Ex, is currently working on Epic Mickey 2. The sequel is due for a September 2012 release on the Nintendo Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360.
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