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Destiny 2 Launch Trailer Shows The Odds Are Stacked Against You

Bungie and Activision are gearing up for the release of one of the most highly anticipated shooter-game sequels in recent times: Destiny 2. The upcoming game is set to go live on September 6th for home consoles and in October for PC, and the official launch trailer is here to get you all pumped up for a galactic battle of epic proportions.

Destiny 2's PC Beta Has Been Dated

PC gamers have been clamoring for more details and news about the upcoming release of Destiny 2. What will be the system requirements? Will there be a beta? How will it perform? Well, Bungie finally stepped out from the shadows with some fresh new details for Destiny 2, including the beta dates.

You've Got A Bit More Time To Play The Destiny 2 Beta

Activision and Bungie unleashed the Destiny 2 beta for gamers on July 18th, and it was only supposed to last for a couple of days so that the development team could gather feedback and necessary multiplayer data ahead of the September launch. Well, some kindheartedness washed over Bungie because the beta has been extended and you've got a bit more time to play the Destiny 2 beta.

Destiny 2'S Open Beta Is Here, Get The Details

It's Friday, which means the Destiny 2 beta has officially gone live for all players across the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. If you're curious about what activities will keep you busy this weekend, we've got all of the details and a look at the new beta trailer.

The Destiny 2 Beta Already Has A List Of Known Issues

The Destiny 2 beta is prepping to get underway starting next Tuesday, and tons of gamers can't wait to get their hands on it. The only thing is that Bungie recently released a blog post and it appears the Destiny 2 beta already has a list of known issues.

The One Complaint Bungie Hopes Gamers Have About Destiny 2

When a game is only two months out from launching, you don't often hear a developer say there is a complaint they are looking forward to hearing. According to Bungie, though, that's not the case with Destiny 2. There's one gripe in particular they're hoping to hear.

Here's What Destiny 2 Is Doing For Players Of The First Game

Veterans of the original Destiny have been begging Bungie for some kind of recognition or callback to the events in the first game to acknowledge the heroes in Destiny 2. Bungie has been mum on some of those details until now.

One Question Destiny 2 Won't Answer

There are a ton of questions surrounding the lore of Destiny. Bungie filled it to the brim with all sorts of secrets and hidden information tucked away in nooks and crannies of the game. However, one question that hasn't been answered in the original and won't be answered in Destiny 2 might leave a few fans a bit peeved.

The Reason Halo: Combat Evolved Added A Subtitle

The original Halo isn't referred to as Halo 1. We oftentimes refer to the first game on the OG Xbox as Halo: Combat Evolved. But, why? Well, we finally received some details on how Halo managed to get the subtitle for Combat Evolved.

Why Destiny 2 Won't Have Dedicated Servers

Before the community ramped up their interest over the topic, Bungie got out in front of the question and explained why Destiny 2 won't have dedicated servers.

The Bizarre Effect Destiny 2 Is Having On World Of Warcraft

We learned a heck of a lot about Destiny 2 during last week's big gameplay reveal, but perhaps one of the most interesting tidbits to come out of that daylong affair actually took place in a totally unrelated game, World of Warcraft.

One Part Of Destiny That Will Not Be Back For The Sequel

A lot of Destiny 2's design is based on what they're improving from what was in the first game. More maps, more planets, more enemies, more weapons, more powers and more abilities. However, one vital part of the original game won't be making a return for the sequel.

PC Players May Have To Wait Longer For Destiny 2

One of the biggest bombs dropped during the announcement of Destiny 2's huge gameplay reveal was that the game would be coming to PC. The initial shock wave of excitement became flush with confusion when it was later revealed that PC players may have to wait a little longer for Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Won't Need A High End PC, But It Helps

Activision and Bungie announcing that Destiny 2 was coming to PC opened up a floodgate of interest from a segment of the gaming community that missed out on the original Destiny when it launched back in 2014. Well, now that the sequel is coming to PC, a lot of gamers are interested in things like FOV, system specs and mouse and keyboard support.

How Far Along Destiny 2 Is, According To The Developers

With the September release date fast approaching for Destiny 2, many gamers are absolutely geeked about the potential and possibilities of the sci-fi shooter sequel, so much so that they're wondering how far along the game is in its actual development. Well, it's a lot further along than you think.

Will Destiny Be Killed After Destiny 2 Is Released? Here's What We Know

With Destiny 2 on the horizon, folks have started wondering what that means for the future of the original Destiny. With a brand new game to maintain, does it make sense for Bungie to keep the servers up on their shooter that, come September, will be three years old?

How To Decide Which Destiny 2 Pre-Order To Buy

Activision and Bungie have already announced that there are pre-orders available for Destiny 2. The game is still a ways off from release, and it won't arrive until September later this year, but some gamers are probably already curious as to how they're going to decide which Destiny 2 package to pre-order.

Destiny 2: 5 Ways The Gameplay Can Be Improved

Bungie and Activision have officially announced Destiny 2. They've given gamers a heads-up on the release date and the platforms that it'll be arriving on. They did this by releasing a new trailer to get gamers all hyped up. But there's still a question of gameplay quality that looms overhead.

How Long PS4 Users Will Have Early Access To Destiny 2 Content

The Destiny news mill is running at full steam these days and, according to its latest output, it looks like the PlayStation timed exclusive content from the original game will continue into Destiny 2.

The Destiny 2 Trailer Teaser Is Funnier Than We Expected

Who said Activision doesn't have a sense of humor? The publisher, along with Bungie, has released a new trailer for Destiny 2, the highly anticipated first-person shooter due out for release later this year, and it's a heck of a lot funnier than we expected.

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