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How Long PS4 Users Will Have Early Access To Destiny 2 Content
The Destiny news mill is running at full steam these days and, according to its latest output, it looks like the PlayStation timed exclusive content from the original game will continue into Destiny 2.
Gears Of War 4 Multiplayer Will Run In Seasons, Get The Details
The Coalition and Microsoft aren't finished with Gears of War 4's multiplayer content. In fact, they plan on issuing new events and content in the form of seasons, similar to other games on the market like Blizzard's Overwatch.
GTA 5 Cheat Codes: Get The Full List
Gamers are still in love with Rockstar Games' GTA V. The game is constantly on the top 10 charts each and every month for one platform or another. Of course, not everyone wants to play through the game in an "honest" manner and some people are looking for some cheat codes to help them along the way.
Destiny 2 Has A Trailer, A Release Date, And A Sense Of Humor
We knew from the teaser released a couple of days ago that Destiny 2 was going for a somewhat different tone than its predecessor. The official trailer shows us two different ways to look at the game, and one is much funnier than the other.
Bungie Confirms Destiny 2 With A New Image
We all knew that Destiny 2 was inbound, but we haven't had any clear info direct from Bungie to signify what, exactly, players can expect out of the highly anticipated sequel. According to a recent tweet from the developer, though, it looks like they're gearing up to break silence.
This Story Of EVE Online Revenge Is The Greatest Thing Ever
One of the most emergent games on the market today is CCP's EVE Online. The game never ceases to provide gamers with player-driven story opportunities, sort of like the one about the small group of newbies who plotted revenge against a troll over the course of four years.
The Original StarCraft Is Getting Remastered, Get The Details
Blizzard Entertainment announced that a remastered version of StarCraft is set to release this summer for PC gamers. The game isn't just getting re-released for today's generation of gamer, they've actually overhauled a lot of the quality of life features and graphics to help give your rig a run for its money.
What Has Changed With Conan Exile's Update
Funcom hit a jackpot with Conan Exile's. A mix of hardcore combat, nudity and emergent gameplay was enough to make the game a smash hit success. Well, the open-world survival game was recently updated and they've added a lot of new content to the game.
Here's What Mass Effect: Andromeda's New Patch Actually Does
BioWare rolled out a patch for both the early access 10-hour trial version and retail release of Mass Effect: Andromeda. The game dropped on Tuesday, March 21st for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, and BioWare explained what patch 1.04 actually does for the game.
Leaked Destiny 2 Poster Implies Major Reveals May Be On The Way
Bungie has been rolling out a whole bunch of Destiny news as of late, preparing players for the popular FPS' last hoo-rah before heading full throttle into Destiny 2. Unfortunately, it looks like one overzealous retailer may have stolen their thunder for the next game in the series, potentially revealing the release date ahead of schedule.
Overwatch May Get A Map Editor, Eventually
One of the best ways to keep a shooter game's community alive and well is to release new content for it regularly. One way of doing that is allowing users to create their own content for the game. In the case of Overwatch, that could come in the form of a map editor... eventually.
Frank West Will Go Full Zombie In New Dead Rising 4 DLC
For those of you who can't get enough of bashing through hordes of zombies in Dead Rising 4, you'll be happy to know that the game's next piece of DLC is set to arrive in just a couple of weeks. Even better, it'll be story-driven and see the game's protagonist, Frank West, struggling to survive the zombie virus.
Is The Evil Within Getting A Sequel? Here's What We Know
Shinji Mikami, the original creator of Resident Evil, managed to get a second wind at horror with the Evil Within series. The first game was received with lukewarm results, but some new information seems to point to a new game being in the works and here's what we know.
The One For Honor Emote You Might Actually Want
Ubisoft's For Honor has a lot of unlockable gear and goodies, just like Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch. Well, one of the things you can unlock in the game is an emote, and there's one particular emote you'll definitely want to get.
Uncharted 4 Owned The SXSW Game Awards
With South by Southwest (SXSW) finally wrapping up, it's time to take a look at the various awards presented in the area of video games. There was a nice bit of variety in this year's selection but, in the end, Nathan Drake's final outing in Uncharted 4 pretty much stole the show.
What The Critics Are Saying About Mass Effect: Andromeda
The reviews for BioWare's Mass Effect: Andromeda are starting to come in, and there's a mixed bag of viewpoints about the game coming in from various outlets. The consensus from the general critics is that there's some good points... and there are some bad points.
Our First Look At Sonic Forces Is Everything We Want From A Sonic The Hedgehog Game
Sonic sure is staying busy these days, what with two brand new games speeding through development. Yes, that's right, I said "two." On top of the upcoming, classic-themed Sonic Mania, Sega earlier today revealed a more modern take on the blue bolt's adventures, Sonic Forces. What's crazy is that both games look rad as hell.
Mass Effect: Andromeda Is Getting A Companion App For Multiplayer
Companion apps are all the rage these days. Many AAA titles feature a companion app for mobile devices whether it's to handle tertiary in-game tasks or perform some other task. In the case of Mass Effect: Andromeda, the companion app actually works in synch with the game's multiplayer.
BlizzCon 2017 Has Been Officially Announced
It's become an annual tradition to attend the BlizzCon events to gain insight, information and news on all of Blizzard's latest projects, upcoming titles and new content for established brands. Well ahead of the actual event, Blizzard has announced some key details for BlizzCon 2017.
Is System Shock 3 Coming To Consoles? Here's What We Know
One of the upcoming titles that has garnered a lot of attention is Otherside Entertainment's _System Shock 3, _not to be confused with Nightdive's System Shock remake. We don't know anything about the game but we are left wondering if the game is coming to consoles? Well, here's what we know.
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