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One Of The Dreamcast's Strangest Games May Be Getting A Sequel

The spirit of the Sega Dreamcast appears to be alive and well, as one of the ill-fated consoles most bizarre games (and that's saying a lot for the Dreamcast library) looks to be getting a sequel.

How Sega Is Getting In On The Nostalgia Fad

There has been a lot of talk about Sega recently, all due to some fine details gleaned from their latest financial report. The company is looking ahead but doing so by taking a few steps back. They have plans on diving into the nostalgia fad in order to rekindle some of the luster they've lost over the years.

New Sonic Forces Gameplay Video Looks Like The Sonic We Know And Love

The latest footage from Sonic Forces has hit the internet, showing off the titular hedgehog in all of his 2D platforming glory. And you know what? The gameplay continues to impress us.

Does This Bayonetta Update Mean Vanquish Is Coming To PC?

Sega sure does love messing with its fans. About a week after launching Bayonetta on PC (following a pretty clever tease of the project), it looks like they might be teasing the next big PC launch via Bayonetta itself.

This Bayonetta 3 Rumor Seems Like A Real Stretch

Sega and Platinum have been acting a little odd lately with their promotion of Bayonetta on PC. Why is it odd? Well, some of their behavior has led people to believe that Bayonetta 3 could be on the horizon, even though it seems like a real stretch.

Dawn Of War 3 Open Beta Launches Today

If you are totally geeked to play the upcoming real-time strategy game from Sega, Games Workshop and Relic Entertainment in the form of Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3, you're in luck because you can actually get a small taste of the game for free this weekend.

Bayonetta Officially Arrives For PC

For the past eight years Sega has been getting pelted with requests from gamers to port over the original Bayonetta to PC. Well, after waiting seven years, Bayonetta has officially arrived on PC... finally.

Sega Is Counting Down To Something, Probably Bayonetta

Apparently Sega has some big plans for Bayonetta. There's a new countdown timer that points to a big reveal taking place a week from now, and fans have already done enough digging to figure out what they think it means.

You Can Now Play Bayonetta In 8-Bit, Thanks To April Fool's Day

When gamers said they wanted to see Bayonetta on the PC, we doubt this is what they had in mind. Either way, we can all chalk up 8-bit Bayonetta on Steam as one of the best game-related April Fool's jokes to date.

The Sega Dreamcast Game That Just Got Its DLC Unlocked After 16 Years

The Dreamcast is dead. Long live the Dreamcast! We knew that new games were still coming out for it but, as of this past week, one of the games actually received a year's worth of DLC it was supposed to get way back in 2001.

Dawn Of War III Has A Release Date And A New Trailer

Sega and Relic Entertainment released a new trailer for Dawn of War III, the Warhammer 40,000 title based on Games Workshop's iconic franchise. The trailer is short and snappy but it also reveals the game's highly awaited release date for PC.

Sega Nearly Made A Major Change To The Dreamcast Before Release

Peter Moore used to be one of the big head honchos at Sega before moving on to Microsoft. Recently the corporate executive recounted one major change that Sega nearly made before they released the Sega Dreamcast 17 years ago.

Sega Has Been Making Some Serious Money, Here’s What We Know

The video game business can be a difficult one. One hit game or one flop can truly make the difference. Sega, a company that has seen more than its share of ups and downs in the industry is currently enjoying being up, rather than down.

Sega Is Releasing Their Own Classic Mini Console, Get The Details
Another New Sonic The Hedgehog Game Revealed, But It Won’t Be Going Back To Classic Gameplay

The creators who brought you Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations is finally coming out with a new game to celebrate Sonic's 25th Anniversary, called Project Sonic. And it will be the hedgehog's return to the 3D platformer world.

A New Sonic The Hedgehog Game Was Revealed That Could Pay Tribute To The Classic Games

Had enough of Sonic Boom? Well, you're in luck because in celebration of Sonic The Hedgehog's 25th anniversary, the Sonic team has just announced a new "passion project" that could fans of the classic Sonic games very, very happy.

Sonic The Hedgehog Is Coming To Lego Dimensions, Here's What We Know

Sega has teamed up with the Lego Group to offer gamers a speedy experience in the form of Sonic The Hedgehog within Lego Dimensions. The blue speedster will come in a pack of featuring new levels and vehicles based on the character.

Sega Has Big Plans For Sonic The Hedgehog, Get The Details

Sonic The Hedgehog has been the centerpiece of a lot of interesting news recently, including the announcement of a new Sonic game coming next year. But Sega has also stated they have far bigger plans for the speed-addicted hedgehog.

Why Sonic's Greatest Villain Received The Name Eggman

Anyone who grew up playing Sonic games in the 1990s knew that the lead villain was called Dr. Robotnik. He had henchmen and other subservient robots under his command, and it only made sense given his name was Robotnik... right? Wrong. Robotnik was never supposed to be his name.

There's A New Sonic The Hedgehog Game Coming, Get The Details

Sega and the Sonic Team are working on a brand new Sonic The Hedgehog game. They don't reveal what the game will be about or what sort of gameplay fans can expect, but there's a new game coming soon along with a major motion picture based on Sonic Boom.

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