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When The Next Final Fantasy 15 Multiplayer Beta Will Arrive

Square Enix is still hard at work getting Final Fantasy XV's multiplayer content ready to roll, but they'll need your help to give things a final polish. To that end, another online beta has been scheduled for this week.

Dragon Quest XI Has Been Confirmed For A Western Release

Square Enix has confirmed that Dragon Quest XI won't just be exclusive to Japanese gamers when it releases. Game designer Yuji Horii gave Western gamers and fans of Dragon Quest a ton of hope when he revealed that the game will be heading West.

How To Get In On The Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Beta

Square Enix is really mixing up the offerings for Final Fantasy XV with the upcoming expansion pack for the game called Comrades. This DLC expansion adds a whole new layer of flavor to the game in the form of online multiplayer, and there appears to be only one way to get in on the multiplayer beta.

What's Happening With Final Fantasy 14's DDOS Attacks

Square Enix has been dealing with some pretty difficult issues in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the game itself, but everything to do with DDOS attacks administered by third-party disruptors.

New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Reveals A Toy Story World And More

Square Enix finally broke the silence on Kingdom Hearts III at this weekend's D23 Expo. As part of a larger panel on upcoming Disney games, we received confirmation of the first Pixar world in a main Kingdom Hearts title.

Kingdom Hearts 3: What We Know So Far

There are few video games series that have such passionate fan bases as the Kingdom Hearts games. Combining two franchises that are at the top of their respective fields, the Final Fantasy RPGs and Disney Animation, the pair work together to create some sort of unholy Voltron.

Final Fantasy XV's Episode Prompto Trailer Has Machine Guns And Snowmobiles

It's been months since Final Fantasy XV released, but Square Enix is committed to releasing new DLC for the game. The latest expansion for the mammoth-sized JRPG focuses on the frail but determined Prompto, and the trailer for his story DLC is filled with machine guns and snowmobiles.

Bulletstorm Developer Is Working With Square Enix On A New Title

Here's a partnership we didn't expect to be writing about today: The teams at People Can Fly and Square Enix are joining forces to make a brand new game, with plans to eventually launch on console and PC.

Square Enix Reveals New RPG, Lost Sphear, With New Trailer

It looks like Square Enix aims to keep old-school RPGs alive and well, announcing their next entry in the more classic camp of the genre, Lost Sphear. They've even got a pitch-perfect trailer to go with the announcement.

Kingdom Hearts 3 And The Final Fantasy VII Remake Are Even Further Off Than We Thought

If you were expecting to get your hands on either Kingdom Hearts 3 or _Final Fantasy VII Remake _anytime soon... your expectations are way too high. Square Enix revealed that you won't be getting your hands on either game for a while since they're both further off than we thought.

Is There A New Thief Game On The Way? Here's What We Know

After the last outing for Thief -- the 2014 disasterpiece that left hardcore fans feeling empty and gamers unfamiliar with the franchise unfulfilled -- there are hints pointing to a new Thief game being in development for the eighth gen systems and PC.

Square Enix Is Looking To Sell Hitman Developer IO Interactive

A press note was recently issued by Square Enix where they announced that they're severing ties with Hitman developer IO Interactive. In doing so they're looking for buyers to pick up the game development studio as they focus on their more lucrative IPs.

Nier: Automata's Upcoming DLC Includes Bizarre Boss Fights

Platinum Games and Square Enix have been enjoying lots of success with the action packed, third-person hack-and-slash RPG Nier: Automata. They decided to take advantage of that success by releasing some new DLC for the game, but it contains some bizarre boss fights.

Playing Final Fantasy XIV Just Got A Lot Easier

Square Enix is still trying to find ways to lure people into playing Final Fantasy XIV. Their newest attempt to bring on newcomers includes lifting one of the game's restrictions that may have prevented some people from enjoying the game.

There's Finally Another Way To Play Through Final Fantasy XV's Chapter 13

Square Enix promised that they would "fix" Chapter 13 in Final Fantasy XV, and so they have. Not only is it possible to play through the controversial chapter in a new way, but it's also possible to play the chapter much quicker thanks to a new buff.

Kingdom Hearts For PlayStation 4 Has Some Serious Problems

The Kingdom Hearts series has finally made its way to the PlayStation 4 and, at first glance, it's everything an HD remake should be. Now that players have had some time to dig into the Disney-character-infused action RPG series, however, it's looking more and more like this particular collection needed to spend quite a bit more time in the oven.

The PS4 Pro Update For Final Fantasy XV Apparently Has Issues

When Square Enix announced they would eventually bring a PlayStation 4 Pro patch to Final Fantasy XV, fans were excited for the visual and performance enhancements that would come in tow. Now that the update is live, though, it sounds like folks aren't quite so excited for the final result.

Square Enix Is Working On A New RPG, Here's What We Know

Now that we're 15 numbered entries into the Final Fantasy series, some folks have started wondering if Square Enix will ever offer up a new property in the realm of roleplaying games. Well, it looks like they're working on exactly that. Oh, and there will be dragons!

Is Final Fantasy 14 Coming To The Switch? Here's What Square Enix Says

Final Fantasy XIV is still going strong and, with a new Nintendo console on the horizon, that's got a lot of folks wondering if perhaps Square Enix's popular MMORPG might be making an appearance on the Switch.

The PlayStation Store Is Having A Final Fantasy Anniversary Sale

If all the big launches of this week aren't your cup of tea, don't sweat it. Square Enix has you covered with a big 'ole Final Fantasy anniversary sale over on the PlayStation Store right now. This means you can get your hands on some of the new games and old classics at discounted prices.

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