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World Of Final Fantasy Review: A Sugary Sweet Love Letter To Series Fans
Mixing modern ideas with time-tested genre staples, World of Final Fantasy is a celebration of 30 years of epic quests. That means that you can expect to encounter everything you love about the storied JRPG series, as well as a few of the things Final Fantasy should maybe go ahead and outgrow.
Here's When You'll Be Able To Try Out World Of Final Fantasy
Square Enix recently announced that gamers will have a chance to try out World of Final Fantasy nice and early, with a demo for the game arriving on PlayStation consoles soon.
Square Enix Is About To Go Mobile, Get The Details
Square Enix has been making mobile games for quite some time. However, they're about to change up the way they produce games.
Watch The First 40 Minutes Of Final Fantasy 15
During this year's EGX event in Birmingham, England, gamers were treated to a number of demonstrations of various upcoming games, ranging from Kickstarted projects like Yooka-Laylee, to mega-blockbuster AAA titles like Final FantasyXV from Square Enix.
Why Final Fantasy 15 Was Delayed, According To The Director
Originally set to launch next month, it was announced last week that Final Fantasy XV will be pushed back by a couple of months, now arriving worldwide in November. According to a recent interview with the game's director, it sounds like the launch was put on hold for very good reasons.
Final Fantasy XV: Now We Know Why It Was Delayed
Final Fantasy fans the world over were frustrated when Square Enix announced that the next game in the series, the hotly anticipated Final Fantasy XV, was being delayed for two months. Now, we know what the issue was that caused the delay.
Could A Major Franchise Be Making Its Nintendo Console Debut On The NX?
The Nintendo NX is expected to launch next year and the line-up of games is still a complete mystery. However, one piece of new info has surfaced and given gamers a glimmer of hope that one of the most popular franchises could be released on the NX.
A Major RPG Franchise Has Been Confirmed For The Nintendo NX
Square Enix was already named as one of the studios aimed at supporting the Nintendo NX for next year's release. One of the first games that they have planned for release on the console will be Dragon Quest X.
The New Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV Trailer Is Stunning
Final Fantasy XV is set to be a hit on multiple fronts. There's the upcoming RPG, of course, as well as the ongoing anime series that fans seem to be enjoying. Now we've got a look at the next piece of the puzzle, Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV, a CG movie that helps set the stage for the game. There's even a shiny new trailer to help get viewers prepared.
What's Inside The Three Upcoming Editions Of World Of Final Fantasy
Square Enix rolled out details on three different editions for the upcoming multi-universe take on the iconic Final Fantasy series called World of Final Fantasy. Each iteration contains something special for gamers looking to rekindle nostalgia, while also hoping to add something memorable to their collection.
When You Can Play Life Is Strange Episode 1 For Free
Life Is Strange is a compelling, narrative rollercoaster built on the in-game decisions of the gamer, and if you weren't too sure about the game from the start, now's your chance to try it out.
Final Fantasy Is Entering The Board Game Universe, Get The Details
The world of Final Fantasy is finally being translated into a board game, one that captures the mechanics and scope of the popular RPG series and translates it seamlessly to your table top. Just kidding, it's Monopoly!
Here's What To Expect From Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's New Breach Mode
Square Enix and Eidos Montreal have announced that they have a new game mode that they will be introducing into Deus Ex: Mankind Divided called Breach Mode. The mode is an arcade-style mode that deviates from the typical story-oriented mechanics featured in the main game.
Another Remastered Final Fantasy Game is Coming To PS4
Some gamers have proclaimed this generation of gaming as the age of remasters. I can't argue with that sentiment given that many of the popular titles from sixth and seventh gen are being re-released in HD renditions or updated with spiffier graphics. One of Square's late great Final Fantasy titles for the PS2 will join the library of HD remasters starting in 2017.
Deus Ex Developer Has Big Plans For The Franchise Before E3
E3 is just around the corner as we begin to head into June and with just a mere couple weeks until the video game trade show, Deus Ex publisher Square Enix has announced they are ramping up for E3 in a different way.
Final Fantasy XV Already Has A Ton Of Pre-Orders
According to Square Enix CEO, Yosuke Matsuda, Final Fantasy XV is going to be a massive release due to the fact that it's already sold out of some of its pre-order editions and the other pre-orders have racked up “impressive volume” the world around. Now all games have to do is wait for September to get their hands on the game.
New Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Live-Action Trailer Shows How The World Was Torn Apart By Fear
In the newest Deus Ex game, the world has been torn apart by a fear of something unusual; a fear of the Augs. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided takes place in a future where no one is safe, and the newest live-action trailer explains just how we got to that point.
When Hitman Fans Can Get Their Hands On Episode Three
Looking for new targets to take out in the latest Hitman game? Well, good news, agents! The folks at Square Enix have announced exactly when the highly-anticipated Episode Three will finally be made available. Hint: You won’t have to wait much longer.
What We Can Expect From Square Enix At This Year's E3, According To Square Enix
The road to E3 is paved with a lot of promotional content, blog posts and product line-ups. Square Enix has made their intentions known for this year's trade show with a list of games they'll have on display at the event.
How I Am Setsuna Will Pay Homage To Classic RPGs
Square Enix today pulled back the curtain on I Am Setsuna, an upcoming JRPG that looks to draw inspiration from genre greats, including a battle system that pays homage to Chrono Trigger.
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