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Move Fast To Snag This Amazingly Affordable Xbox One Bundle Deal
If you've ever wanted an Xbox One, now might be the time to jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of a pretty great deal that grants you the console and a pair of games for one low-low price.
How The Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Story Will Be Different
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has not had an easy go of it in the gaming community. Gamers have made their voices very vocal about the newest FPS and Activision and Infinity Ward have been attempting to explain why the game might be worth it, especially in regards to the story.
Why The E3 Red Dead Redemption Reveal May Have Been Cancelled Last Minute
Some rumors are starting to spread as to the reasons why we didn't see the sequel ofRed Dead Redemption during any of the major press conferences at this year's E3.
Why Sony Didn’t Need To Unveil A New Console During Its E3 Press Conference
After Sony's press conference on Monday, many people were left in awe and with questions. Where was PlayStation Neo? While there had been a collection of many surprising and satisfying game announcements, Sony had never mentioned PlayStation Neo. But even with those questions, the press conference didn't even need a new console announcement, and they knew it.
How Sony Responded To The Announcement Of Xbox Scorpio
Microsoft dropped the gauntlet in terms of ushering in the new generation of home console gaming with the announcement of the Xbox Scorpio and its specs. Well, Sony executive Andrew House had some interesting things to say about the new Xbox console.
Xbox One Confirms The New And More Powerful Console, Here's When It's Available
Microsoft held true to the rumors surrounding the announcement of an Xbox Scorpio. The codename for the brand new Xbox console was followed by the roll out of a few specs, and the announcement that it would be arriving during the holiday season of 2017 next year.
Take Advantage Of An Xbox Freebie This Weekend, Get The Details
Microsoft is bringing back their free Xbox Live weekends. This time the experience will be shared between both Xbox One and Xbox 360 gamers. Starting on June 9, gamers without Xbox Live Gold will be able to play online over the weekend... for free.
Microsoft Has Changed Their Plans For Their Xbox One TV DVR
One of the core features of the Xbox One's original announcement was being able to watch TV through the Xbox One, using it as a set-top box. A DVR firmware upgrade was expected to arrive for the system this year, but now Microsoft is scrapping that plan, for now, and focusing more on gaming.
A Popular Party Game Has Made Its Way To Samsung's Smart TV Hub
Just Dance Now, the mobile game, is now available on Samsung's smart TV through the Smart Hub. The game is not a remake or a remastered edition, it's literally the mobile title, but you can play it through your television just like anything else.
Best Buy Has An Insane Xbox One Deal For A Limited Time, Get The Details
For one week only Best Buy has a special $50 off discount on Xbox One units. This means that instead of paying $350 for a brand new Xbox One, you only have to pay $300. The deal should help give Microsoft one last boost in the sales department for July's NPD stats.
Two New Xbox Consoles Could Be Coming, According To Reports
Despite head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, openly denying that they were going to compete with the PS4 with another stronger console, it seems there are reports that a new and stronger Xbox could be debuting as soon as next year, along with a smaller version this year.
Why Consoles Might Stop Being Produced, According To An EA Exec
Publishers and console manufacturers have been wanting to move to an “all digital future” for quite some time, but national network infrastructure and consumer resistance has prevented that from happening. Well, EA thinks that it will eventually happen and that consoles will stop being produced.
Xbox Finally Responds To Uncharted 4's Early Positive Reviews
Who says there can't be a bit of friendliness on the battlefield of marketing and cutting edge technology? Phil Spencer, the head of the Xbox division, and Shuhei Yoshida, the president of worldwide studios at Sony, both exchanged some positive words on Twitter over Uncharted 4.
Here's What Games Are On Sale To Celebrate This Week's Star Wars Day
As you may have heard, tomorrow is a big day for Star Wars fans and, thanks to a bunch of discounts, it’ll be a big hit with games fans, too. Get ready to save some money thanks to Star Wars discounts across the PlayStation Store, Xbox Live and GOG.
Here's How Twitter Reacted To Lionhead Studios Shutting Down
It was a sad day for Lionhead Studios, creators of the popular Fable series of games. After an announcement earlier this year that Microsoft would be closing the doors on the developers, today marked the day that those actions were finally carried out. Twitter, as you may have guessed, was full of opinions.
5 Of My Favorite Memories Of Playing The Xbox 360
Yesterday marked the day that Xbox officially announced they were stopping production of the Xbox 360. So to celebrate the life of Xbox 360, here are my most memorable games from when I owned my Xbox 360.
Why The Xbox Was More Than Just A Console, One Player's Emotional Story
Get ready for an emotional roller coaster ride, as Youtuber John Wikstrom has now transformed a powerful story about gaming on the original Xbox into a short film that’s guaranteed to tug on the ol' heartstrings.
Why It's Time To Say Goodbye To Xbox 360, According To Xbox
Just today, Xbox made a major announcement that has been vehemently sweeping across the gaming community. For those who have invested most of their gaming careers on their Xbox 360 and still have yet to upgrade to an Xbox One, you might want to jumpstart that decision sooner rather than later.
New Beyond Good And Evil Trademark Could Indicate A Revival Of The Sequel
Beyond Good And Evil was released in November of 2003 and was immediately overwhelmingly successful with an 83 on Metacritic and raving reviews. That’s why fans were stoked when the long-awaited sequel, Beyond Good And Evil 2, was finally announced in 2008. But since the game's silence, new evidence shows that Ubisoft has filed for a new Beyond Good And Evil trademark, so maybe the sequel is finally going to get off the ground.
Xbox 1.5 Isn't Happening, According To The Company Head
The internet nearly went up in flames within the gaming sectors over the big rumors spreading about the PlayStation 4.5, also referred to as the PS4K. All the rumors surrounding the half-step console has put eyes on Microsoft to see if they might follow suit. According to Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer, Microsoft will not follow suit.
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