10 Biggest Surprises From The 2016 Oscar Nominations

By Eric Eisenberg 4 months agodiscussion comments
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The Academy Awards are always good for a full of surprises. Sure, some filmmakers, actors and movies seem destined for Oscar gold, but there are always plenty of key snubs and shocking inclusions that leave everybody either completely enraged or delighted. And itís 10 of those that weíre here to talk about today.

What were the most surprising turn of events during this morningís nomination announcements for the 88th annual Academy Awards? Read on to find out!

The Hateful Eight Steve Jobs
Quentin Tarantino And Aaron Sorkin Miss Out On Best Screenplay
Between the two of them, Quentin Tarantino and Aaron Sorkin have three Academy Awards and two separate nominations in Oscar screenplay categories, but both of them wound up being completely shut out of the 2016 race for their work on The Hateful Eight and Steve Jobs, respectively. Itís obviously their track record that makes the snub this year so surprising, but the results of the Golden Globes certainly donít help it make any more sense. After all, not only were both Tarantino and Sorkin nominated, but it was Sorkin who actually walked away with the trophy.
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