10 Hilarious Anchorman Lines We're All Still Quoting Today

By Eric Eisenberg 2013-12-19 12:04:12discussion comments
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10 Hilarious Anchorman Lines We're All Still Quoting Today image
When Adam McKay's Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy was released in theaters during the summer of 2004, it wasnít exactly a sensation. Opening the week after Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2, the comedy managed to make only $28 million its first weekend (good enough for only #2 on the top 10), and by the end of its domestic run it had only made $85 million, good enough for 30th place overall at the end of the year. Other movies with similar numbers, like Ladder 49, Christmas With The Kranks and Along Came Polly have been all but completely forgottenÖ and yet Anchorman continues to live on.

While Paramount Pictures spent years resisting the idea of an Anchorman sequel due to the first filmís inability to find an audience overseas, the truth is that the film is now considered to be a modern comedy classic. Medium-sized as the movieís initial audience may have been, it has exponentially grown in size in the nine years since, and it has a cult-like following that can quote exact lines for hours on end.

And itís that quotability that has allowed the film to permeate through the veins of pop culture over the last decade. Hearing somebody singing about scotchy-scotch-scotch or telling somebody to stay classy is like being able to speak in a secret language Ė but because of the movieís increased popularity you can now enjoy that secret language with everybody. Itís an endless tribute to McKay and Will Ferrell, who have an incredible ability to dig out what is funny not only through good writing, but also a great willingness to experiment and try out new things with every take.

Every fan out there has their own very favorite line from the film Ė one that makes us laugh harder than any other when weíre either rewatching the movie or just thinking about it while driving around. Because itís hard to nail down the very best quote, however, Iíve decided to collect my 10 favorites.

Iím in a glass case of emotion!
"Iím in a glass case of emotion!"
Much like what video did to the proverbial radio star, cell phones have all but completely eliminated phone booths from the streets of American cities, but thanks to Superman, Doctor Who, Bill and Ted, and Ron Burgundyís legendary hissy fit about his punted dog, they will forever live on in pop culture.
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