10 Pairs Of Movie Brothers With Brilliant Love-Hate Relationships

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Sonny Corleone and Michael Corleone As Seen In The Godfather
Michael and Sonny Corleone are often studied as contrasts. The former is a cool, level-headed and highly educated leader who prefers to engage in civilized conversations and always maintain outward appearances, while slyly putting in motion plans to crush his enemies. The latter is a philandering, aggressive and street-wise soldier who prefers to handle problems himself and to respond to all threats immediately. Given that, itís no surprise the two sons arenít exactly BFFS, but in a weird way, they sort of need each other.

Even if he didnít initially listen, Michael needs Sonny to berate him about risking his life for strangers instead of his family, and beyond that, he needs his older brother to show him the pros and cons of using brute strength. On the other end of the spectrum, Sonny needs Michael to show him some of the old mafia codes are outdated and sometimes the best plan of action is one thatís carefully hidden. Thereís much to learn from each other and humorously, almost nothing to learn from middle brother Fredo.
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