7 Other Times Sylvester Stallone Should Have Won An Oscar

By Brent McKnight 3 months agodiscussion comments
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This year, Sylvester Stallone is nominated for an Academy Award for the second time in his career. Also, strangely enough, heís nominated this year for playing the same character he was nominated for playing originally, Rocky Balboa, first as a lead actor in 1976ís Rocky and now for his supporting work in Creed. And he could very well walk away with an Oscar, because heís fantastic in Creed, giving one of his greatest roles a new depth and lifeóitís not often we get to see a character go through as many evolutions as weíve seen from Rocky.

Sylvester Stallone has already won a number of trophies this awards season, including a Golden Globe. Iím of the camp that he should have won major awards for movies like Cobra, Demolition Man, Tango and Cash, and more, but I accept that those might be a hard sell to many people. Weíll have to wait until the ceremony to see if he wins, but here are the seven times outside of Creed where Sylvester Stallone could and maybe should have won an Oscar.

This is the easiest, most obvious choice, as it is the only other time Sylvester Stallone was nominated for an Oscar. Sure, the Rocky franchise may have gotten a wee bit nuts in the subsequent years, but there are very good reasons why the 1976 original still stands as a classic. Itís just damn great, and Slyís performance is what drives the whole thing. Itís a stunning turn that could easily have devolved into schmaltz and sentimentality, but itís one that led legendary film critic Roger Ebert to call Stallone a "young Marlon Brando," and heís not far off. In 1977 he was up against the likes of Robert De Niro, who also did not win an Oscar for Taxi Driver, and as we know itís been while since Stallone got his second nom.
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