As a genre, buddy cop movies are prone to becoming franchises. We’ve got multiple 48 Hrs. movies, Lethal Weapon spawned three sequels, and even Rush Hour birthed multiple chapters. The latest entry into this realm, Ride Along 2 won the weekend box office race, despite abysmal reviews. There have already been rumblings of a third installment in the burgeoning franchise, and we thought that this might be the perfect time to take a look at some of our favorite buddy cop movies that never had the opportunity to expand the franchise, but that we’d love to see.

Tango & Cash
1989’s Tango & Cash was tailor made to birth a franchise. It had two big stars as the lead duo of mismatched cops—Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone—a slew of wacky side characters that could have made appearances across multiple films, and the end left the door open for more. But alas, the further adventures of Ray Tango and Gabriel Cash were not to be. Production problems plagued it from the start, as Kurt Russell was a last-minute replacement for Patrick Swayze, the budget ballooned, and there was even a protracted legal battle between producers. It was still a reasonably significant box office success, but given all the issues, Tango & Cash was not destined to become a franchise. Think of all the violent works of art we missed out on.

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