Argo And Silver Linings Playbook Editors Take Home Top Honors At ACE Eddie Awards

By Nick Venable 2013-02-18 19:53:29discussion comments
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Argo And Silver Linings Playbook Editors Take Home Top Honors At ACE Eddie Awards image
Do you know how you can easily tell the integrity of an awards ceremony? By how little you know about what everyone is wearing, and by how few names are easily recognizable to average movie viewers. That means the American Cinema Editorsí Eddie Awards are positively drowning in integrity. But itís also because the all-important editorís duty is to be the elf who steals into the filmmakerís home to polish up all his shoes with only a modicum of the glory. I may have mixed my metaphors there. Somebody get me an editor!

The top honors of the 63rd annual ACE Eddie Awards have been announced, and the results will probably come as no surprise to anyone paying attention. Argoís William Goldenberg won the prize for Best Edited Dramatic Feature Film, topping such films as Zero Dark Thirty and Lincoln; and beating out prestigious nominees Moonrise Kingdom and Les Misťrables was Silver Linings Playbookís Jim Cassidy and Crispin Struthers, who took home the trophy in the Comedy or Musical category.

This marks the (estimated) hundred-thousandth award that Argo has deservedly won in the pre-Oscars round-up - not that Silver Linings Playbook is lagging behind or anything. Between crazy ideas and crazy people, the films themselves are exciting enough to negate the predictability of the award ceremonies.

Rounding out the cinematic winners are Best Animated Feature Film winners Nicholas C. Smith and Robert Grahamjones for Pixarís Brave and Best Edited Documentary Feature winner Malik Bendjelloul for his Searching for Sugar Man, about two South Africans searching for a long lost 1970s musician. You can see the full list of winners, which also includes small screen categories like Best Edited Half-Hour Series For Television and Best Edited Miniseries, over at the organization's official site.
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